W. Frank Steely Library

Surprised no movie has been filmed in this mid-70’s library at Northern Kentucky University. As Ronnie Salerno shares, it really would fit right into the Starfleet Academy.


Modern library design interior from the 70's


Chris Hytha and team use drones and a bit of artistic license to capture the top of landmark buildings and they’re delightful with just the right amount of surreal. / via Kottke


Art Deco high rise photograph

Luis Barragán

Was a Mexican architect and engineer. The places he designed celebrate form and color. This foundation catalogs his life and work. / via Richard Perez in a roundabout way


Luis Barragan architecture

The Funny Pages in Modern Times

David Friedman missed the funny pages. So he used ChatGPT to work through coding up a tool to select and deliver the dailies through a page generated by RSS feeds. One of the best uses of AI I’ve seen yet.


Auto generated comics HTML page

A series of Garden Offices

Been daydreaming of a dedicated space for making things outside of the house. CJ Chilvers’ collection of small workspaces and cabins is inspiring.


A workspace cabin in snowy woods

GO Logic 1100 Model

As John Maeda put it, “Prefab homes have come a long way.”


A modern prefabricated home with solar panels at dusk.

A modern studio by Harrison Design

Seating, a desk, books and a bathroom. Dreamy.


A modern small studio building set in the woods

Casa dos Sobreiros, Portugal

The "Cork trees house" by TRAMA arquitetos is quite lovely. I'm making a vision board for dream homes. / via Heike


Modern house design with clean lines and a pool