Designed by Apple

It's over 10 years old, but this animation about design and intention holds up well.

Animated dots and lines

The Sphere lights up

The largest LED screen in the world is also a sphere. Fittingly in Vegas. It looks bonkers.

Sphere in Vegas

Everything Paul Carroll made in 2022

I absolutely love all of this… Things made in Blender! Experiments that might have gathered dust! The delight and joy in the process! Chill sharing! Delightful and inspiring.

3D rendering of a video game figure

Top 100 3D vehicle renders of 4,280 submissions

Clinton Jones organizes and curates these render challenges and they’re really great. Now I’m going through older challenges thanks to a collection of links on MetaFilter.

Futuristic 3d render of a pimped out Mustang in a race

Santa Is a Psychedelic Mushroom

Smitten with the story and production of this piece by Mathew Salton with additional animation by James Bascara.

Colorful illustration of a reindeer head on a bright yellow background

The work of Dan Zucco

Read this article about delight in product design and enjoyed the illustrations by Dan Zucco. He’s got a class on Domestika that looks quite good.

3D geometric shapes form a colorful pattern

From real to animated AR

Yup, more with the AI stuff. This particular thread by Sergei Galkin details the steps to transfer a physical toy to the digital world in very short order.

Creating an animated digital character from a physical toy

The Doodle House

Mr. Doodle's project over the last few years is quite impressive. Dedication and consistency FTW.

A man in a white suit covered in thick black lines of doodles stands on the steps of a white house interior, also covered in thick black lines of doodles

The angle and rotation speed of the planets

Someone remixed Dr James O'Donoghue's animation with faces. This makes science concepts easy to grok.

Animations of the planets speed and angle of rotation with cartoon faces drawn on each planet

Animated Tour Inside a Fire Engine Truck

It's like a Dorling Kindersley book come to life. Lots more 'Animigraffs' by Jake O'Neal.

3D animation showing the features of a firetruck

Endless Robot Story

By Vaskange using the Endless Paper App. It's not really endless, but it's got dystopian robot melancholy down pat. / via MeFi

An illustration of a robot looking forlorn at a table with an empty bird cage

How drawing helps you think

Ralph Ammer’s 17 minute talk about drawing is delightful on many levels, part of which are the animations to illustrate his points.

A drawing of a figure underneath stars and an abstract constellation

Floating in space

A lovely animation of an astronaut swimming through stars

CG astronaut in a sea of stars

3:45 PM

A lovely animation indeed. "Don't live in the grand scheme of things"

Mixtape for the Milky Way – Video Games

This is a terribly sweet, well done and moving song + animation about video games / via Waxy

a paper version of Tetris

Netlify Reaches One Million Devs

That's one glorious timeline design (and animation)

Learning to See

In order to make things you need to understand them. In order to understand them, you need to first learn to notice them. You need to see the little details of the stitch on the handbag, or the almost imperceptible swipe animation on the app’s login screen.

Manchester Orchestra – The Sunshine

This song's a couple years old, and the baby animation is a little cheesy, but overall? Totes adorbs.


A vector looking animation (made in AfterEffects). Retro goodness with an incredible behind the scenes video. / via DaringFireball

Iconic logos replaced with female figures for International Women’s Day

Perfect animations round these out / via Brand New

Music video for Jane Bordeaux’s ‘Ma’agalim’

when computer animation is elevated to folk art

Going Fishing by Guldies

I want to make a stop motion animation factory on the desk in my bedroom now.

Spirit – The animation tool for the web

Not out yet, but so hopeful that maybe it will be awesome! / via DJ

Animated vintage book graphics, part II

Animation: Henning M. Lederer / Music: Jörg Stierle

Oliver Sin

Lovely illustration and animation / via Yewknee

Lottie : Airbnb Design

new open-source animation tool / via Yewknee

Convert After Effect animations to iOS code

/via Yewknee

Jonathan Stroh “Bear house (with fox)”

Mesmerized by this animation.

An Illustrated Talk With Maurice Sendak

A timeless animation by Christoph Niemann of Sendak's interview on NPR's Fresh Air. Always worth a revisit.

Tumult Hype

Could this be the HTML 5 animation tool I've been hoping for? Looks promising...

Simple Character Animation – Skillshare

This looks like a great class to learn how to animate a character in After Effects

WWDC 2015 – Designing with Animation

Another great video from Apple describing how to get started with animations and how to make them effective for user interface. Sidenote: Their Keynote template is deliciously simple and effective.

McLaren’s Workshop

Animation and drawing app inspired by Norman McLaren, maker of much awesome during his tenure at the National Film Board of Canada. Looks great for kids and adults (iPad app)

Vinyl record animations by Michael Hansen

Animation themed to the music while spinning on the turntable. Filed under neato. / via Coudal

Dragonframe – Stop motion animation software

Mac and PC versions available. Looks powerful good. / via @fchimero

Occupy Wall St. = Pong

A fine animation by MK12 / via DaringFireball

Turbine free wind power

I quite enjoyed this animation by Buck.

Makoto Yabuki – White Box

I love mid-century modern and all that, but it's new interpretations of graphic design like this that get me super excited. I won't deny there's some frustration because I don't know how to make animations like this, but I can watch, and ooooo, and ahhh.

Stykz – multi-platform stick figure animation program

Possible underpinning for xkcd movie? Just a thought. (via Keaggy)

The Seed

Diggin this animation. Found while surfin 'round Nizmlab, a site to curate the loads of videos out there into something manageable. (via Fresh Arrival)

Stop motion with wolf and pig.

Some links you see float by the stream a few times and you finally dive in after that. (lovely animation via makenosound, TMN, clusterflock, MeFI...)

The Gay Alphabet

Well done animation made tongue-in-cheek for recruitment purposes. (via joemygod)

Animated colorful characters

Happy New Year by Electrabel

Tealights + patience = pretty dang incredible stop-motion animation (via Drawn!)

The Art of Pixar

fan-curated gallery of inspired and inspiring artwork from the animation studio (via alertbutnotalarmed)

Stripes, Puma “Scanimation”

Funny to see a digital implementation of something so simple. (via bearskinrug)


An ambiguous animation painted on public walls. (via Coudal)


I am mesmerized by the introduction movie/animation. (as seen on the Longboard)

Turn off your faucet

Help the planet. Awesome enviroanimation (via Drawn!)

Adobe Cards.

Quite lovely animation (though the Joker is still creepy) via cpluv

Adobe Photoshop “See What’s Possible” Challenge

Compose an aesthetically pioneering 15-second or less animation or motion graphic video that illustrates the theme of “See What’s Possible.” The winning work must incorporate or close with the Adobe Photoshop logo. 20K prize (+ CS suite)

9 cool animations with typography

And encoded with YouTube's currently cruddy compression. Still, the goodness is visible (via Veer)

social network for two

the video (animation by Alyssa Timon)

Man and Whale

Another bit o animation

GOBELINS – Galerie – Cinéma d’animation

Animation stuff to watch when I'm done working

Motionographer | Motion graphics, design, animation, filmmaking, vfx and bombastic banter

A weblog for motion designers and filmmakers (via coolhunting)

Bloomed Words

Animation quite worthy of the Excellence Prize it received. (via electro-plankton)