February 3, 2022

Works by Vincent Bal

Colossal shares a few of his illustrations using shadows, but wander down the links to Vincent's personal site (superfun) and Etsy store where his work translates well into prints and postcards.


The shadow from a pair of eyeglasses is the foundation of a drawing of a person reading a book

Why I’ve Decided to Take My Podcast Off Spotify

A cogent perspective from Roxanne Gay


I duotone treatment of a photograph of a woman looking at the camera, chin in hand

February 2, 2022

Emojis: Why We Love Them So Much & What They Mean

Free Zoom event alert: Dan Sinker has a conversation with emoji designer Jennifer Daniel on Thu, February 17.


Jennifer Daniels

Charley Harper’s Cool Carnival

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger or a certain football team going to a Super Bowl.


A tiger face illustration on a gray t-shirt

Tiny Love Stories

Touching reader-submitted stories of love with no more than 100 words. This NYT series has been going for a while. Just learned of it thanks to Rachel on the left.


Two happy women and a plate of food

January 31, 2022

Good Things

Melanie Richards' personal compilation of good sensory things in life. I'm inspired to start a list like this! / via Rachel Kwon


A list of good things

Ella Hawkins’ biscuit art

She's got plenty more on her website, but this Twitter thread provides insight on the process


Ornately painted cookies

January 29, 2022

Topography of South America

This single tweet led me down a wonderful rabbit hole of understanding the unique geography of South America.


3D rendering of South America's topography

Believe blanket

Stunning type design by Valentina Casali / via Jessica Hische


A black and white blanket with ornate type that reads BELIEVE

January 27, 2022

Documentary about how The Traveling Wilburys formed

Even all low-res it was lovely to see how this album came to be and friendships preserved.


The Traveling Wilbur's band logo

January 26, 2022

The Problem With NFTs

I've seen half of this (two hour!) video but agree with Michael here that it's worth watching to get a better understanding of this emerging (and divisive) technology.


Title card for a Youtube video featuring two NFT characters on a brick wall with the title "Line Goes Up"

Photographer Steve Schapiro

A collection of links to celebrate the acclaimed photojournalist on his passing. A trove of wonderful paths to wander with incredible images and insight.


A black and white photo of a man with several film cameras running excitedly

January 25, 2022


New type design practice and foundry from Erik Marinovich. Just cruise around the specimens pages to get a solid dose of vibrant type goodness.


A graphic design layout showcasing fonts by NuForm

January 24, 2022

Find your own rainbow

An enlightening Twitter thread about how Bill Grundfest cultivated comedians in Greenwich Village / via SwissMiss


A rainbow in front of a mountain

January 23, 2022

How to make your home smell like a Williams Sonoma store

Sometimes I have extra rosemary when cooking. Going to try this sometime! /via smartpeopleiknow


A pot filled with water, lemon, rosemary and peppercorns

A Grand Unified Theory of Buying Stuff

Lots of links to this piece by Paul Ford for good reason: the payoff at the end is inspiring when we consider experiences we hope to achieve when buying stuff.


A illustration of a man shopping for electronic devices

January 21, 2022

Big Bug

Jean-Pierre Jeunet (director of Amélie!) has a new sci-fi movie coming out in February on Netflix. It looks colorful and fun. 


A robot vacuums a floor in a colorful set of a home

Bauhaus Typography at 100

Lots of safety protocols in place at the Letterform Archive in San Francisco for this exhibit that runs through April 27, 2022. File under: Wish I was closer!


A museum with typography from Bauhaus on display

January 20, 2022

Goodnight, Metal Friend Mix #21

Seth Werkheiser's mix of spooky doom, ambient, gloomy tunes to help you fall asleep. I think these tracks are great for focus while working or thinking, or thinking at work! It's like being in some sci-fi movie.


Graphic design cover for a mix of spooky doom, ambient, gloomy tunes

Dense Discovery

Kai Brach, founder of OffscreenMag, has been putting out this solid email newsletter (digital publication) since 2018. Every issue has something good.


Homepage of an email newsletter titled "Dense Discovery"

Lee Sangsoo

The artist's Instagram bio sums it up: "drawing in the air." Beautiful flow and color and form. / via Dense Discovery


A sculpture of a cat stretching

January 18, 2022

Kumiko Amp Cabinet

Gorgeous results from this young man in Oregon. Great woodworking and video production all around. / Fun link from Tom


A wooden guitar amp with Kumiko grill

Mike & Maaike’s Windowseat

While watching Station Eleven I noticed these chairs in the airport. I've always thought the design striking.


A stylized chair and ottoman that creates a somehwat private space

Carter Trozzolo



A young man in glasses and winter clothes is exhausted by shoveling snow

January 17, 2022

A Hot Dog and a Martini

Tina Fey, Seth Meyers, Lorne Michaels, and more look back on Betty White's unforgettable week at Saturday Night Live. ( I'm going to ready this Vanity Fair article after work)


Betty White on the set of SNL in pink dresses with several cast members

How a Gray Painting Can Break Your Heart

Jason Farago dives deep into a piece of art by Jasper Johns. Scrolling through, zooming in and out, enlightening, emotional, poetic. / via airbagindustries, Greg Storey


A gray abstract painting by Jasper Johns

January 15, 2022

606 Universal Shelving System

Fell down a rabbit hole and filing this away as I'd not heard of Vitsœ before (but I'd certainly seen this shelving many times). Fodder for dream space. Design by Dieter Rams in 1960.


A rendering of a bookshelf with drawers

January 14, 2022

Photos of the incarceration of Japanese Americans

I'd never seen these photos by Dorothea Lange before. This story from Vox explains why.


An impounded black and white photo by Dorothea Lange

January 11, 2022

So proud of my brother

After being in retail over the years, he decided in 2021 to spend his free time getting certified to help others. He now helps those struggling with addiction find treatment in Cincinnati.


A man on a news program

The exquisite craft of Mary Delany

Phenomenal find by Jed Daily on Metafilter of Mary Delany, who began creating floral collages with paper when she was 72. Fresh over 240 years later!


A paper collage of flowers

Park My Spaceship

Overlay spaceships from Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect and more on a map for scale. Then press the play button to fly around. Fun. / via @CincinnatiPhil


A Millennium Falcon parked on a baseball diamond

How Brian Lovin’s site works

Whoa. This is densely awesome. A personal website that operates somewhat like an OS. Thoroughly engaging and inspiring.


A screenshot of a personal website

January 10, 2022

Powers of Ten, Updated

Professor Brian Cox and the BBC revisit the 1977 film by Charles and Ray Eames. Loved the original and dig the updates here.


A screenshot of a video showing a couple on a beach from overhead

January 9, 2022

NightWatch Magnifying Clock Dock

I already have enough clocks and a charging solution for my watch. But if I didn't I'd totally consider this beauty. / via smartpeopleiknow


A magnifying glass for your Apple Watch

January 7, 2022


I played this first on iOS when it launched and it's less a video game and more of an emotional interactive story. Now available on many platforms, I highly recommend giving Florence a try.


A screen grab of a video game with a woman in an elevator looking at a mobile phone. A screen showing emoji texts she shares with her boyfriend

January 6, 2022

Word Hippo

Whenever I need to find another word for something, or definition, pronunciation, antonym and even translations (great for branding exercises) I go here. A super valuable tool. / via Erik


A duotone image of hippo and a baby hippo

Fish Operated Vehicle (FOV)

Scientists track fish’s movements with LIDAR, which let it “drive” towards a target that it could see outside of its tank. / via The Morning News


A goldfish drives around

Everyday objects organized

I remember when Colossal first posted work by Kristen Meyer and I'm delighted to see more of what she's been up to. Excellent photography by her husband Colin Meyer to boot!


The parts of a bouquet arranged in geometric patterns

January 4, 2022

The Year in Type

I Love Typography looks back at some of the highlights of 2021, including typefaces, profiles, inspiration and then some. / via Sidebar


Three race cars are illustrated to show off custom typefaces

January 3, 2022

The art and Design of Nolan Pelletier

Fonts In Use showcased a recent album design by Nolan and his site is filled with delightful illustrations and details abound!


An illustration of a cat with vibrant yellow and pinks

December 30, 2021

101 Best Book Covers from 2021

Literary Hub picks their favorites and it was a joy to scroll through. My goal in 2022 is to read books. / via Rachel Kwon


A collection of book cover designs from the year 2021

Simon Collison’s favorite music of 2021

Colly curates music he finds interesting each week and then makes a huge list with meaningful descriptions and links to streaming services at the end of each year.


A list of favorite albums of 2021

December 22, 2021


I loved watching these pieces come together bit by bit on Instagram without knowing exactly what Aegir Hallmundur was up to. Turns out it was a colorful and beautiful carousel!


A colorful handmade carousel

December 19, 2021

The Magic of Pee-wee Herman in a Dark Year

Dan Sinker writes about finding light in the darkness of a pandemic, and the timeless joy of a Playhouse


A black and white photo on the set of Pee-wee's Playhouse

December 15, 2021

Porsche posters (1961–1969)

These posters catch a vibe. Baby, are you coming for the ride? (The ride, the ride, the ride)


a 1963 Porsche GT poster featuring a black and white image of a car and type

Busy Simulator

This immediately made me laugh and then also feel very anxious. Great for Zooms or phone calls when you need to part. / via waxy


A web app with icons for productivity software and their notifications

December 11, 2021

Things about Michael Nesmith I didn’t know

My friend Dave shared a few bits that will turn into a rabbit holes to explore. For many years I watched this clip of 'Sorority Girls From Hell' and never knew where it came from. Now I do.


Compressed black and white still from a comedy sketch with three women as sorority sisters

December 10, 2021

I want candy

Specifically this Duluth Candy because of the sweet job Studio MPLS did for their brand and packaging! / via Under Consideration


Two candy bars with a very designed package

December 8, 2021

Fonts Knowledge

Elliott Jay Stocks on helping build a library of materials and guides to help folks understand, explore and choose type with purpose. A great resources from the Google Fonts Team.


Various typographic symbols

December 7, 2021

Be My Eyes

This is awesome. An app that instantly connects a blind person with a sighted volunteer who can tell them what’s in front of them via screen sharing.


A person holds up a mobile phone camera pointed at a bike

December 6, 2021

Peak Fall Foliage in Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest

10 minutes of lovely autumn colors / via Twisted Sifter


Autumn leaves along a river

December 5, 2021

West Elm Mid-Century Desk

There are a ton of configurations for this workstation. It's over-priced with veneer wood, but it inspires me to dig around some second hand shops to find something scuffed up


A fake mid-century modern desk

Luka TV Stand

My friend SwissMiss loves this piece dearly and I must say, it's a lovely twist on a TV stand.


A TV stand with vertical slats

KOOKOO Birdhouse

A contemporary twist on a cuckoo clock that features field recordings of real birds and goes to sleep at night.


A modern cuckoo clock

Carta Bench by Burrow

This will be the first of many links where I gather ideas for home furnishing. Sorry if you came for cool stuff. I don't use Pinterest and I don't plan to start.


A modern styled bench

November 29, 2021

Household Surrealism

Helga Stentzel is a Russian-born visual artist based in London. Lots of inspired work transforming everyday objects into other everyday things. / via MetaFilter


A cow made of items on a clothesline

November 25, 2021

Gratitude Zine

I very much enjoyed sitting at the kitchen counter while the Thanksgiving meal cooked, filling out this little number by Austin Kleon.


A black and white zine template about gratitude

November 23, 2021

Tattly Stickers

Tattly expands beyond temporary tattoos to these repositionable vinyl stickers by artists, illustrators and designers.


A wide array of colorful vinyl stickers by artists and designers

A thread about value in life

Sorting through a strangers home and finding something worthwhile.


An album filled with black and white photos

November 19, 2021

A Dozen Eggs

I'm generally happy to see anything Michel Gondry puts out there. This is a fine example, mostly because it was all shot with a mobile phone.


Eggs floating from a planet to the clouds