Angry IKEA Guy TikTok

Interview with Angry IKEA Guy

Service industry jobs need better pay and protections from horrible people. / via

Pixelated illustration of a computer with the words HappyNet on the screen

Happy Net Box

A super experimental internet social experiment based on the arcane and near-forgotten retro internet protocol known as FINGER, by Ben Brown.

David Carson teaches design (Masterclass still)

David Carson Teaches Graphic Design

"Learn new perspective in graphic design from David-effing-Carson for fifteen dollars? Uh, yes please." Greg Storey (@brilliantcrank)

Earth from space, black and white photo

Earth Restored

Toby Ord has digitally restored a selection of photos taken of earth from space. They're magnificent.

This cat backpack

I would like this backpack very much. At the very least to share it with Edie. / via my nephew Matt

An illustrated plant with callouts for car instructions

All about houseplants

The basics of selecting, watering, lighting, and overall caring for houseplants. / via Laura Olin

Abstract design in a digital frame

Geometric Digital Art

Formatted for a Samsung Frame TV. This feels like my sort of NFT because I am old fashioned. / via swiss-miss

Stanley Tucci in a tank top in the 80s

80’s Levis ad with Stanley Tucci

Before he made cocktails on the internet, Stanley wore a tank top and showed off his guns.

Cor Blok’s Tolkien illustrations

Dutch artist Cor Blok passed away. His illustrations appeared in 60s Dutch editions of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Here's a thread with examples of his work. / via @arkanjil

Everdure orange portable charcoal BBQ

Cube Portable BBQ

This is a pretty fine looking charcoal BBQ. / via Kathryn

An abstract illustration of type

On Type with Erik Spiekermann

Part of Adobe's Creativity Explained series (wonderfully) animated by Oddfellows in Portland. / via Sean Sharp

A sharp photo of a wave crest

Be There, Be Present

Nick Pumphrey spent May 2020 showing up to the sea with his camera. The results were beautiful and the realizations deep.

Protect Asian Lives poster

Protect Asian Lives

A collection of posters designed by Asian American artists, free to download and share.

National Park Sign Design

The Ranger Behind the U.S. Forest Service’s Signs

Career ranger Virgil “Bus” Carrell had no design training but instilled a philosophy to create a system of "Signs to Complement Natural Beauty" for our National Parks / via Kathryn

How to Design Better Icons

Great short introduction to some of the basics when developing a family of icons

A black and white photograph of James Baldwin

Write to find out.

"When you’re writing, you’re trying to find out something which you don’t know." - James Baldwin. This and more ruminations on writing by the late author. / via @voicesandnoises

Musashino Art University poster

Ink traps explained

Extremely well deep dive into ink traps and all the variations. Get to the bottom for the kicker of the Imperial Trap. / via Under Consideration

A hand holding a mobile phone reflecting a tree in bloom

Our iPhone Notes Are Poetry

"People don't open up your Notes app and look through your notes. It's sacred." this and lots more good thinking about the notes app / via Om Malik

Little Goat recipes

Little Goat Recipes

I've been to Little Goat in Chicago a few times and it is incredibly good. I want to buy all their seasonings and try every single one of these recipes. Magic Green Beans.

Art by The Female Warhol that says some realtionships have to end

Some relationships have to end

Because that version of you has ended. / via wehavebecomevikings

A modular laptop


An entirely modular laptop. Looks extremely awesome in concept. / via Daring Fireball

Black and white posters by Piotr Szyhalski

Piotr Szyhalski / Labor Camp

Born from a daily drawing practice responding to the COVID-19 pandemic as it unfolded in real time resulting in 225 drawings created over eight months / via Creative Mornings Cincinnati

Woman writing inside a heart painted on a wall

National COVID Memorial Wall

A wall of hearts representing those lost to the coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom

Black Art

Black Art: In The Absence of Light

Excellent HBO Documentary explores two centuries of art by African-Americans, and the path they forged for contemporary Black artists. / via Brian Hill

A 700 dollar Optimus Prime toy figure

Auto-Converting Optimus Prime

Of course there is a big kid inside me that marvels at the level of miniaturization that makes this possible. The adult version can wait a decade for when it doesn't cost 700 dollars.

Group X by Smith and Diction

Group X branding

An anonymous group of artists and curators making things happen in Philly. Now with a fine identity to mask their identity. Always solid seeing what Smith & Diction make. / via Under Consideration

Maria Svarbova

Fantastic and beautiful photography / via

Type made of orange peels

Type exploration w/ orange peels

I always enjoy Manfred Westreicher's explorations with type

Paul Simon on Dick Cavett

Bridge Over Troubled Water

"Everywhere I went led me where I didn’t want to be, so I was stuck." How Paul Simon wrote 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' / via Creative Mornings

Foodomat Grocery

Vintage Supermarket Photos

On December 13, 2005 I posted this, my first link from swiss-miss