A woman in a red dress sings surrounded by a rock quarry

Opera + a rock quarry

I've kept this post from Kottke alive at the end of my RSS reader for 2 weeks because I didn't want it to go away, so I'm saving it here.


A modern small studio building set in the woods

A modern studio by Harrison Design

Seating, a desk, books and a bathroom. Dreamy.


A colorful abstract Lego helicopter held by a hand

BrickIt App

Throw your lego down and scan it with this app and it will give you step by step instructions to build new things. Haven't tried this, but it sounds far out. / via ProductHunt


A family on a beach under a large umbrella

What do Americans eat at the beach?

Photos by Jenna Schoenefeld really make this piece come to life. I would love to see the same exploration for different beaches around the states and globe. / via tmn


A flag made with many colorful stripes

The evolution of the Pride flag

It's starting to get so busy that a rethink is in order, but the concept of evolving a symbol to serve greater understanding is solid.


A hotel phone with a Northern Lights button

Northern Lights wake up call

This aurora borealis has been on my bucketlist since I can remember. This seems like a valuable hotel resource to have on hand.


CG astronaut in a sea of stars

Floating in space

A lovely animation of an astronaut swimming through stars


A bearded man with glasse holds a bundle of sheets and towels and fabric items

Dancing to Sirens

I asked about the song playing and Erik said it was the same musician that did the Xanadu cover linked earlier. Here's a story about his new song - "a tribute to a time that is hopefully over."


PNAS logo over mountains

Stewardship of global collective behavior

"Addressing the harm wrought by dramatically restructuring human communication of the span of a decade, with no aim other than selling ads." Of all the challenges we face? This one is so very important to address.


A golden retriever rests their head on the leg of a person playing an acoustic guitar

What a Wonderful World

Started the morning with my heart out to this man playing guitar for his captive audience, a dog named Maple who recently passed.


Miko Marks

Miko Marks & the Resurrectors

Erik introduced me to these musicians driving up to the mountain – blues and a hint of gospel and country that blend so wonderfully. This live recording was posted to honor the fight for freedom.


A Sprinter van converted for camping

Tips on buying a used Sprinter van

Matt Haughey goes deep into a topic of great interest to me. I always fancied myself in a VW Bus, but it might be nice to be able to stretch one's legs.


A yellow handheld videogame system

More details on the Playdate

Like many, I'm super anticipating the release of this little yellow console. More details released today include the game editor, font editor, the first batch of games, a dock and more.


An illustration of orange flowers

Old Book Illustrations

Not verified as open sourced images, but a trove for inspiration nonetheless


Airmstreams and classic cars

Yonder Escalante

Airstreams, modern mini cabins, a drive-in, general store, pool, campfire storytelling. Southern Utah. Adding the the big list of places I would enjoy visiting.


Nuns making art and designing things!

Los Angeles studio of Corita Kent designated historic cultural landmark

Glad it wasn't razed for a parking lot. Another thing to add to the list of places I would very much love to visit.


graphic patterns in black and white

Cognitive Bias and the Design Process

I'm making note of this article by Jon Yablonski for a few reasons: Bringing awareness to the design process. Plus also? His post and website are quite lovely in layout and presentation across the board.


Burlap print with the words "THE GAP" on a line

The Gap by Ira Glass

I've heard this audio a handful of times and seen it visualized perhaps more than once. But it never fails to remind me of the work. / via @misterbisson


A circular video portal

A portal to feel connected

Marveling at this huge circular screen and camera with real-time feed between Vilnius, Lithuania and Lublin, Poland


A woman juggles 5 different colored balls, filmed from above

Juggling from above

Taylor Glenn shifts the perspective of the skill / via MetaFilter


A circular pattern

Infinite Zoom

Click or tap anywhere to change up the pattern. Mesmerizing.


Frame of animation with blue cars circling on roads

How Uber is Scamming Everyone

Edward Ongweso, Jr. and Gravel Institute present such an alarming and compelling case against Uber I will vow to seek alternatives and understand the landscape of travel options with more thought.


A photo of circular balconies on a high rise in China

Balconies in Guiyang, China

I'm also mesmerized with this photo by Jord Hammond


Black and white interface of the old Mac OS Scrapbook


After seeing this post on Fonts In Use I am now scouring the internet for a modern replacement of this old Apple utility that was probably better in my memory than actually useful.


Optical illusion using the Eiffel Tower

JR and the Eiffel Tower

Another wonderful installation


An illustration of swirling mist around a hand by Nathalie Lees

Five-finger breathing exercise

Ground yourself in the present moment to calm down


Creative titles arranged haphazardly connected by lines and arrows

Stop Trying to Design Everything

Jennifer Daniel posted a link to this talk from a while back and I started playing it off to the side of my screen and then I was smiling so much I just made it full screen and watched the whole 24 minutes and 59 seconds.


A fox rides a bike at night

The Smile, live

Metafilter collects links to videos and downloads for this performance at the virtual Glastonbury festival. Featuring Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood (from Radiohead) with drummer Tom Skinner.


A man holds a mobile phone with ghosts of privacy trackers dissipate nearby

Apple’s Privacy Commercial

I had only seen tiny snippets before seeing the whole thing. This really brings clarity to the insanity of tracking. I would actually appreciate seeing a longer and deeper dive. Sadly the video is hosted on Youtube. / via DaringFireball


A collage of movie characters on a pink background

52 comfort films – to watch again and again

Writers, readers and filmmakers create a list of favorite movies. Some gems and some I've yet to see. If I had to pick one to add to the list today I would say "About Time"