Quarantine inspired drawing by Parrish André

Teens on a Year That Changed Everything

There’s wonderful art throughout this feature that spans illustration, photography, video and poetry

An old wizard in a hat

My friend is a wizard

I can’t wait til Erik gets his second vaccine and the fluorescent ombre beard he has dreamed about for years. But for now? I’m excited right alongside.

A futuristic electric pickup truck

The Canoo Pickup Truck

This looks more interesting than the VW Microbus that is never coming out and the Ford Bronco

An illustration of accessibility tags

Making accessibility a feature, not a fix.

Thanks to Kay I’ve begun to understand the implications of accessibility. And Greg has a great summation of work by Stephanie Hagadorn and her team at Indeed to incorporate the thinking into the process of design.

A still of a family in the movie Minari

The movies Khoi Vinh watched, February 2021

I love Khoi’s thoughtful bite-sized insights to movies.

Yamato Group new symbol mark on a truck

Yamato Groups identity refresh

The presentation of this update is as lovely as every element combined. / via UnderConsideration

The Van Conversion Bible

A guide to transform a vehicle into a home on wheels. With gas, water and electrical system diagrams and insights from those with experience. / via fontsinuse

The City Museum

My friend Nick Dewald says I need to move this destination in St. Louis toward the top of my bucket list, and I believe him.

A black and white geometric painting

Greyscale Prisms : Chapter 1.

A new series of black and white paintings by Matt W. Moore. Bonus? A behind the scenes video showing process.

Visual pieces combined to make new forms

Plus Equals

A quarterly zine in which Rob Weychert explores algorithmic art with a focus on combinatorics.

Illustration of a yellow dog getting a pet!

Can You Pet The Dog

A Twitter account, a Washington Post article and an important feature wherever dogs are present / via @desandro

A graphic that says SVG with radiating lines

Stop using icon fonts

For one thing? Icon fonts are notoriously bad for accessibility

Banksy Creates Bob Ross-Dubbed Process Video

of New Work Depicting Oscar Wilde Escaping Prison

Social Change by Design Database v2

We fundamentally don’t see other organizations that do this work as the competition. The competition is poverty, racism, and apathy. – George Ayw

A photo of Japan

Huh, by Craig Mod

Craig’s new newsletter where you get the alt text of an image in your inbox that links to the zoomable photo!

pixelated vehicles

picoCAD by Johan Peitz

I want to spend all weekend learning this program to build and texture lowpoly 3D models. / via waxy

A snapshot of a database of award winners

The Society for News Design Best of Awards

Gold awards for visual storytelling that defines the state of the art in digital design. Some excellent nuggets buried in the database. / via Greg Storey

A sunset in a videogame

A thread about how videogames can change a life

Sometimes Twitter showing what your friends liked is a very good thing. Also? Firewatch is a great experience!

Abstract colored rectangles in a colorful pattern

Simplify your tech diagrams

Layercakes (a new term to me) should simplify, not overcomplicate. Stop filling your tech diagrams with TMI. An essay by Paul Ford

A tiny modern house


A-Frame, Barnhouse & Classic Cabin Plans / via Ugmonk

code generated type design that visualizes Outside the Box type on a virtual box

Outside the box

An example of visualization through code (Be sure to click out and see more work by Mathew Aldred) / via DJ

randomly generated colorful circles making abstract art

Open Processing

A community for creative visual coding / via DJ

A snippet of the decision tree to write better alt text for images

Alt text for images

I had questions how to approach writing alt text for images. The internet had answers.

Bad Feeling

Editorial project fetching entries from online forums related to emotional and psychological struggles. / via Fonts in Use

fitness tiktik

I stumbled onto Fitness TikTok

I want to have this enthusiasm for working out

Design Choices of Breath of the Wild

Incredible collected insight to one of my favorite games ever.

Four old bearded gays on a mountain with some dogs

In the Pandemic, Close Friends Rely on Chosen Families

There’s my friend Erik down there in on the mountain. He’s in my family too!

Japan Pictograms

Japan Pictograms

Nippon Design Center released a set of pictograms to support tourism in Japan, and they’re lovely. / via Under Consideration

garfield remixes

How Garfield Helped Me Make Peace With a Culture in Decline

Try getting into Garfield variants: remixes of the original strips that testify to the internet’s limitless invention. Upon recommendation by Thor

So who drew that Fender logo?

OH no Type Co finds out 3 years after asking