June 24, 2022

A Trail Tale

Andy Moliski is hiking the Appalachian Trail. With the help of his two brothers he's sharing the journey in real time through an amazing website that defies category. Be sure to check out the journal. / via Things to Click


Screengrab of a pixelated adventure with a bearded hiker walking through a lush small town

June 22, 2022

Imaginary Beverage Reviews

"Reviews of products that mostly do not exist..." as Kevin Fanning puts it, "This is so dumb, But maybe it’s not totally dumb?" (but it's also about just writing, you know, for fun.)


The Ones

CW&T's favorite things based on guiding principles of simplicity, timelessness and long lasting design. / via belong


A hand holds a 10 outlet power strip

10,000 years of branding

Explained in 6 minutes by Debbie Millman. Many favorite moments, including this beautiful stretch: "Branding has become a profound manifestation of the human spirit."


A woman sits in a chair on a white rolling backdrop of paper in front of a library of books

June 21, 2022

Brooke DiDonato’s photography

Immediately smitten with Brooke's calm and warped perspective / thanks SwissMiss


A woman in a teal dress stands in a green lawn holding a garden hose spraying her face with water

Bernina Express

I saw the photos in this tweet and promptly started researching this panoramic Swiss rail line that goes up into the alps and back down into Italy.


A red train with large panoramic windows heads off through fir trees with the Alps in the background


Explore the map, pick a place and listen to natural soundscapes, learn about the habitat and related charities. / via Dense Discovery


Painting of a sunset behind waters and hills

June 20, 2022

Catherine Madden’s woven tapestry

This journey map captures a year of highs and lows in 2020, part of a workshop with Eugene Eric Kim.


A woven textile with line charts representing the highs and lows of a year


Hypnotic browser/mobile puzzle game using satellite images and a soundtrack from Space Shuttle recordings / by Nadya Suvorova


Circular puzzle using satellite imagery

‘Otomo’ at the Royal Albert Hall

Bonobo close their 5 night residency at the Royal Albert Hall with Anna Lapwood on pipe organ. Her expression of joy is beyond doubt. I can only image how those 9,999 pipes sound irl.


A close up of a woman playing the pipe organ the the Royal Albert Hall

Lego Galaxy Explorer

Agreeing 100% with Greg Storey that I'm here for Lego revisiting classic themes. Related: The upcoming Lion Knight Castle.


A Lego spaceship superimposed over a real photograph of stars at night


Radically optimize image file sizes with this Mac app or web service. I've used this before but it wasn't until I asked Naz how he got his photographs so wonderfully compressed that it all clicked. Now a tool in my everyday workflow.


App Icon showing a mechanical vice compression a digital image

June 17, 2022

Canvas Cards

A gallery of card designs created with the HTML Canvas element and JavaScript with editable code to tweak and generate new variants. Created by Luke Patton


Randomly generated card designs

Green Mountain Falls Skyspace

A James Turrell installation in Colorado that you have to hike to. #bucketlist / via Michael Sippey


Ant art installation with a square cut in the ceiling to frame the sky

June 16, 2022

8 photography principles of Jim Marsden

Actually this list isn't about photography, it's about seeing and being / thanks Sean


Six cards with black and white illustrations of landscapes

June 15, 2022

Best colors for resale value of a vehicle

They're brighter than you think (yellow?! orange!). I chuckled at the new to me term "The German Rainbow"


An illustration of colorful cars from above

The expanded San Francisco font family

The base type for Apple OS gets more expressive style widths with a great overview of how and why to use each. / via Merlin who says "This man has amazing hair"


Variations of the letter a in width and weight

June 11, 2022

What do you want to add?

MetroCard top off / existential crisis


A metro card balance screen that reads "What do you want to add?" with two buttons below. One button says "Add Value" the other "Add Time"

June 10, 2022

Don’t just write words

Write music.


A screen grab of an instagram post that encourages writing sentence of varying lengths

Insprial web

Nathan Friend brought Spirograph to the browser (and an app). / via Sidebar


Electronic version of spirograph, where two cogs interact to create patterns