Kid stacking cups

Cup Stacking Video Clips

freak stacking video

Thighs Wide Shut

Thighs Wide Shut

humor blog

Golden Fiddle weblog




by Blur Studios

Eugene Mirman's first website

Eugene Mirman


Nature Anthem

Grandaddy Nature Anthem

Most excellent music video


Nobody asked me, but…

House of Representatives debate featuring 213 white guys in blue suits, identical shirts and red ties

mom's cancer comic

Mom’s Cancer

A comic strip about incurable cancer in the family.

Dooce 2004

I don’t crack the door too far for anyone who’s pushing too hard on me

A touching and uplifting post from Dooce

Dooce 2004


Witty and real. Dig Heather Armstrong's voice and fortitude.

Stop Design Blog


Design thinking


1976 Design Blog

CSS and more from this Dunstan Orchard. Plus a view of the weather.



D. Keith Robinson retired Asterisk some time ago, but is blogging again intermittently on his new personal site

Hicks Design weblog


Jon Hicks writing about design and life.



Music tidbits, links and more

Jalopnik website circa 2004


Autoblog aggregate

Sean Bonner's website 2004

Sean Bonner

Writing, design, and miscellaney

Planet Dan

Planet Dan

Funny guy

Defective Yeti

Defective Yet

Funny shit

The Morning News

The Morning News

Aggregate online magazine

10 years of my life matt Haughey's website

Ten Years of My Life

Daily Photoblog of Matthew Haughey

Joystiq weblog


Videogame aggregate

Signal vs. Noise weblog

Signal vs Noise

37 Signals combined weblog with insight about software, user experience, running a business and how to be a better person all around. / Added Nov 2004

Cameron Moll's old weblog

Cameron Moll

A wicked worn weblog about design sure, but also thinking about craft, life and the bigger picture.

What Do I Know blog snapshot

Todd Dominey

This used to be called What Do I Know? Now Todd blogs about photography. (Link updated 2021)

Kottke favicon


Home of Fine Hypertext Products, and Jason Kottke's personal weblog

Simple Bits website circa 2004


Personal weblog of Dan Cederholm

Airbag Industries

Airbag Industries

Personal weblog of Greg Storey

Milton Glaser logo

10 Things I Have Learned

An essay by Milton Glaser that speaks beyond design.

TGIF menu prank

TGI Fridays Menu Prank