OMG Clothing | You don’t have to “get it” to wear it.


TV Ads, Japanese Schoolgirl Panties / MTV Asia at Kontraband

Damn Hell Ass Kings

Bunny suicides Getting Back To Work: A Personal Productivity Toolkit

Rare Bollywood Lp Covers (click for enlargement)

Grab from a blog called Ironic Sans

Ironic Sans

David Friedman is a photographer who explores ideas far beyond the lens.

A bear and a blog avatar


She lives in Los Angeles, where she where she is on her third Toyota Corolla and her fourth Administration.

A grab from Cabel's blog

Cabel’s Blog LOL

Cabel works at a company I've long admired: Panic. He writes about technology, videogames, music, and fireworks.

Fiction: Start the Clock, by Benjamin Rosenbaum

A screengrab of Matt Jacobs website

Cap’n Design

Matt Jacobs makes websites for a living but writes about all sorts of things that happen in life. Some of it is about websites.

An orange weblog

Shaun Inman

Designer and developer living and working out of Chattanooga, Tennessee

screengrab of Mike Davidson's weblog from 2005

Mike Davidson

Thoughts about technology and design and practical applications to boot!

A small camera icon surrounded by words

Stopdesign: New Photo Galleries

Super sweet use of blog tools to create comment-able photo galleries

Hasselhoffian Recursion

The Hasselhoffian Recursion

Cool Hunting

Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting

Lots of neato stuff

David Choe

David Choe

A man stacking cards


Bryan Berg stacks cards incredibly well.

Hong Kong Density

Michael Wolf Photography

Incredible photography of Hong Kong Architecture

Cover of a book called A Short History of Progress. The dust jacket has an illustration of a monkey on a stool.

A Short History of Progress by Ronald Wright

Something recommended I should read.


a free orange

Well, it used to be a weblog called this, but Nikhil is still collecting and sharing thoughts online

Apple's Tipping Point

Apple’s Tipping Point

Macs for the Masses


A photoblog by Archie FlorCruz



Blogging Evolved


The Word Spy

The Top 100 new phrases

Glorious Noise website grab from 2005

Glorious Noise

Reviews and news of music. Rock and roll can change your life

weightshift website

Weightshift Memo

Naz used to share thoughts about design and other aesthetic ephemera. This blog is retired but now he's got a new personal website up with essays.

Daring Fireball logo

Daring Fireball

John Gruber writes real good. Mostly about Apple things, but not always.

Grab of a New York Times article about writing

Write Till You Drop

Thoughts about writing by Annie Dillard