The Music Animation Machine

An elegantly clever way to visualize complex music

The Go Find “Over the Edge”

Music Video - links to iTunes

Zombie Infection Simulation

Understanding the implications of zombie infestation

Seldom Asked Questions about Japan

Why do anime characters have such big eyes?

How To Annoy People

Jesus Inspirational Sport Statues

Christmas is going to be so easy this coming year.

Basics of search engine optimization

The underlying tip: build good sites.

The Wurst Gallery

Vintage Vandals. An excellent exhibition repurposing old paintings.

Bacchanalian Society of Greater Cincinnati

A social group that appreciates alcohol.

4RK – Fork Unstable Media

Design spank that is happier if flash is installed

Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard

Great for prank calls.

AIGA: Vancouver Culture Guide

I try to find examples of flash I like. I have issues with this, but it is fun to zoom around the map.


Really nice simple portfolio.

Top 100 Toys

A fun stroll down memory lane by

Things You’d Like To Say At Work, But Can’t

Nice perfume. Must you marinate in it? And many more insults...

Things to say when you are losing a tech argument

I heard that the only real application for that technology was child pornography. How did you hear about it?

Mono online game from Binary Zoon

Sadly, requires a PC to play

How to make a Life Poster – by Mike Matas

Create a poster from your iPhoto library.

The BEAST: Buffalo’s Best Fiend

New York Times Link Generator

Are You Generic?

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Photo Gallery (Creature Feature)

Those freaky creatures from tsunami are fake

Tsunami washes ashore some bizarre-looking sea creatures – The Gordon Gould Weblog –

CSS Rounded Box Generator

The Airline Napkin Wipeoreum


This is who anyone should hire.

more funky tshirts


What were they thinking? (Requires flash)

Something Awful

Photoshopping cars into micromachines

OMG Clothing | You don’t have to “get it” to wear it.