Links to everything kids want and parents (via swissmiss)

Blurb (book creation)

soon for mac (via fresharrival)

Zach Galifianakis – “You Bring Me Joy”

flashvideo (via digibob)

ScubaDoo – The Underwater Scooter Invention

The sea monkeys are alive! (via byrdhouse)

Microsoft iPod packaging parody

youtube flashvideo via marmot

Zefranks not updated blog


Ze is invariably up to something fun and good, unless that means updating a blog.

Wufoo · Making forms easy + fast + fun.

This looks good as I've been getting add spamming through my PHP form. (via swissmiss)

adidas | adicolor

Get a pair of white adidas and a box of paints (via coolhunting)

Google Microsoft?

There's also *shrug*

How they named companies

IKON - copier company name derived from I Know One Name. (via land-o-links)

brigitte bardot & serge gainsbourg

"Bonnie and Clyde" (google/flashvideo via wfmu beware)

Why is George Bush so awesome?

Rocketboom (quicktime via robotwisdom)


I remember seeing this a long time ago, now I'm bookmarking for inspiration

Standpoint : A web 2.0 site about beliefs

poetpainter: Classifying Experiences

with so many different perspectives, each with substantial merit, I found myself asking what creates a great experience…? (via nixlog)

New VW Ads in Da Haus

Umpimping rides (via robotwisdom)

Sears Wishbook 1975

a photoset on Flickr (via Make)

Pl>y Underwear

Boxers for your iPod, or International Male goes 'lectronic.

Celebrity Valentines: Self-Absorbed Hotel Heiress

Now here's a celebrity gossip site with panache.

Husker Du on Joan Rivers Show

YouTube is freaky good (via ranger1)

rockmade – interesting stuff for the home

(via coolhunting)

Silhouettes of flowers font

Silhouettes - a word I always have to look up to make sure I spelled it right. Fearful this may get overused, but pretty is pretty. (via Hicks)

Audi Roadjet Concept

Seems very much like a production car. Nice tho. (via Airbag)

Rufus Wainwright at Carnegie Hall, June 14th 2006

Peforming the complete Judy Garland 1961 concert

Motorcyclists Roll to Soldiers’ Funerals

A band of motorcyclists rolls around the country from one soldier's funeral to another, cheering respectfully to overshadow jeers from church protesters.Fred Phelps is heartless and dumb.

Ursine shirt

Another bear shirt! (via fraying)


A site of link-ity goodness with a design flavor (via swissmiss)

Binth: Beautiful paper goods

via bblinks (not to be confused with boing boing links)

The Street Samaritans

Post-Katrina volunteer medics on bicycles created a new model of community health care in New Orleans.I've been looking for things to tag "goodnews" and this counts (via robotwisdom)

ReadyMade Blog

YAY! (via coolhunting)