Font Spotting: Thank You for Smoking

Typographica finds the fonts for this beautiful movie title sequence (via authenticboredom)

Patently Silly – The Humor of Invention

Someone had to patent an "Orienting and Sorting Device for Corn Dogs" (via bafoonery)

Steven Harrington

Beautiful prints (via bearskinrug) functions

geekery for those hoping to extend their social bookmarking

Chinese Restaurant Sign Generator

Type in your own message and happy fun ensues

I Blogged Andy Warhol

Taking Warhols journals and republishing them 29 years later. (via kate)

The Rapture

A movie from 1991 a friend says is pretty good

You seem interesting!

I will add you to my friends (via buffoonery)

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts: Home

Nice site design

how to feel miserable as an artist

(via drawn!)

Thilo Hoffmann

30 second movies (via swissmiss, and a relation no less) adds bookmark importing

thing is, I don't have any machines with bookmarks anymore, they're all in

Study fails to show the healing power of prayer

on Reuters via Linkfilter

Kissing a smoker public service announcements

Washington Department Of Health (qt, via evan)

“Homegirl is wild.” – Screenhead

When I need a chuckle, I watch this clip of Liza (with a Z)

Orbox B

Another simple in concept flash game that is quite enjoyable (via greasy) level 7: wce293

Mexican Coke: The ‘Real Thing?’

It's made from sugar cane, not corn syrup. And now I want to try it.

Drop Shadows Not Bombs

Normally I don't like drop shadows, but in this case, I think they're a-ok (via populicious)

Preparing for Widescreen

Another design link.

Optimize performance in Photoshop

(via Airbag)

Seven rules for corporate blogging

Nicholas Carr picks on Microsoft blogger, but once you're past that perhaps well warranted pick, I think there's some good points to ponder for businesses who think they need a weblog

Dooce: A can of worms

I'm totally torn between getting into "Big Love" and just screaming at it. Regardless, Dooce covers touchy subjects, and does it ever so well. Blogging at its best.

Secrets of really good chocolate chip cookies

(via linkfilter)

Mighty Mouse Easter Egg

via the always pretty to visit electro^plankton

Site-Flavored Google Search

I saw Make using something along these lines. To look into later...

The iPod Book (case)

via Make


It's like CafePress on Ritalin, powered by Flash

Escapa! Click and move the red block to avoid the blue blocks

A simple and fun flash game. (via neel)

Design Melt Down

Design elements, trends and problems in web design. Nicely organized indeed (via DennisBullock)

Dafont: freeware, shareware and demo fonts

Organized nicely into categories like "Horror, Western, and Russian" which can be handy at times. (via dennisbullock)