July 29, 2022

The Future Belongs To What Was As Much As What Is

Colorful typo/graphic gatehouse installation by Morag Myerscough and poet Ellen Moran in northern England


Colorfully designed gateway filled with type, graphics and messages of belonging

July 18, 2022

Hyundai N Vision 74

I don't think about sports cars too much because I generally couldn't fit in them if I tried, but dang Hyundai's design team is on fire.


A futuristic sports car concept

July 15, 2022

Italy’s Digital Nomad Visas

Work a year remotely in Italy? That sounds lovely! / via Bernie Michalik


Colorful buildings on a small street in Italy

July 14, 2022

Hasbro Selfie Series

It's pricey ($60), but just the fact that it's possible to get a good 3D scan from a phone and get an action figure made is really neato. It'll get cheaper.


A person smiles and holds an action figure with a 3D printed model of their face on the toy

July 11, 2022

Cluster SMACS 0723

Looking into space for a moment. More insights at Colossal


Galaxies in space

Love Every Body

A touching thread and moving last words / via SwissMiss


A man sits at a Waffle House and attaches a note to cash that says "Love Every Body"

July 8, 2022


Text to speech with a AI voice generator. (The pro version sound particularly good.) / via John Maeda


Illustrations of users with different use cases for AI generated audio including an educator, marketer, author, corporate coach and broadcaster

Cevallos Bros

Hand painted posters. Serving Queens, NY & beyond for 50 years. Their Instagram is a good start but follow it up with this profile in the New Yorker. / thanks Thor!


Hand drawn poster with a ViewMaster, E.T., blue sleeveless shirt, red armchair and a rainbow mug with the words "Everyday is a treasure hunt Let's go!"

July 1, 2022

McDonald’s POV: 5 Minutes of Lunch Rush

I thought it was just the algorithm taunting me, but I guess these first hand videos by Stephen Patula are getting around. I find these mesmerizing. Also, living wages should be the thing.


First person view making food at McDonalds

Mndsgn “Truth Interlude”

A bit more of Ardhira Putra's illustration paired with some smooth sounds to close out the week.


Animated blue muscle car in a midcentury modern location with palm trees and a hotel sign

Ardhira Putra

It’s Nice That profiles this Jakarta-based illustrator and motion designer and I’m super digging the vibes.


A brightly colored illustration of a person or robot helmet surrounded by type in Japanese and other fantastic items

June 30, 2022

Fire from Elements lll movement

Composed by Katerina Gimon. Performed by the 2022 TMEA Texas All-State Treble Choir under the direction of Dr Lynda Hasseler. This is powerful. / thanks Henry


A female choir

June 29, 2022

Rio Carnaval logo generator

It's fun even if you don't speak Portuguese (microphone access is optional) / via Under Consideration’s review


Rio Carnaval logo generator interface

The photography and words of Ronny Salerno

Used to follow his former blog and delighted to find he activity maintains an expansive personal site. Every section is filled with near endless awesomeness.


A Mondrian like grid of colorful minimalistic Lego models

Golden Gate Bridge in type

Lovely letterpress print by Cameron Moll coming soon. Pre-orders of the limited edition open now.


Golden Gate Bridge artwork made of typography

June 28, 2022

Perfect Stranger

Mellow, quiet, yearning duet by John Mark Nelson and Sofia Mills (Thanks TikTok)


A woman sings into a microphone with a man with a beard waits to join the chorus

June 27, 2022

How to Temporarily Disable Face ID or Touch ID

It's very simple on iOS to bypass biometric authentication and require the passcode.


Touch ID Home Button on mobile phone


A free to use, edit, extend crowdfunding tool for Shopify with multiple goals and variants as campaign tiers by Craig Mod. (Excellent video tutorial to boot!) / via Kevin Kelley's post about The Proprietary Path


Screenshot of a crowdfunding website tool

The Necessity of Hope

Mariame Kaba reminds us that “hope is a discipline.” It is also a political strategy and a survival mechanism.


Black and white photograph of a pro-choice demonstration. A woman holds a sign that says "WE WON'T GO BACK"

June 24, 2022

Joan Shelley’s New Songs Soothe Old Wounds

“These actions are small, she said, like writing new songs to process old wounds. But maybe they prove more meaningful than submitting to darkness.” Listening now. Thanks Zan


A woman in a blue dress stands in the middle of a barn interior