Up close detail of Riso printing

Risolve Studio

Print and design studio run by husband and wife team Sebastian and Lyndsey Burke. They do everything from prints to books/zines. Filing away for later!


Colorful cubes are stacked

Tetris tames trauma

"24hrs after a traumatic event, or as soon as you are safe, play Tetris. It SIGNIFICANTLY reduces likelihood of intrusive memories." A fascinating thread with links.


A painting of a Korean corner store

Korean corner store paintings

I love the care that Lee Me Kyeoung infuses into these.


A black and white photo of Steve Jobs at a prototype computer

Everything around you

Apple tips their hat to Steve Jobs 10 years after his passing. A moving short video.


A puzzle of matchbooks

Le Puzz

A new brand of puzzles that capture a vibe. Keen packaging to boot. / via UnderConsideration's BrandNew


An overhead shot of planes and missles and people

I wish those weren’t missiles

But Ognyan Stefanov's photograph of the Bulgarian Air Force and their equipment is remarkable.


A melting smiling emoji

The Melting Face Emoji

Made possible by Jennifer Daniel and Neil Cohn


A woman and man sit on a park bench in the background while thie doppleganger marionettes sit in front

Ricky and Doris

David Friedman shares a story about a short film he made about a little old lady with the marionette of herself, and how it all came to be. Sweet characters, captured wondefully.


Small record covers printed out on square Moo cards

Browsing music another way

Jon Hicks wanted to "Restore some kind of physicality to my digital music collection" and I think he succeeded. (Scroll down to the link for Leigh's video demonstration)


And elaborate still life photograph with items collected during a pandemic

Quarantine Blues

Quarantined in his flat in Chicago, Leonard Suryajaya started using the walls of his apartment as a canvas for elaborately staged tableaux. This and lots of other great new photographers and work on the Foam site.

A cutaway view of self-watering pot with a plant and roots visible

Easy Plant

This link is potentially dangerous. Online store for plants with self-watering ceramic pots.


A woman walks along a creekbed looking for fossils

Fossil Hunting with Zan McQuade

I'm with Zan and grew up grazing around creekbeds for fossils (and arrowheads if we were really lucky.) This video captures that joy through an adult lens of continued learning.


A man with silver hair in a suit smiles and looks off to the side

Nick Cave on Charlie Watts

And three other related questions. A dense, concise and lovely reply. / via Daring Fireball


A drawing of a bird on a clear blue sky

False Knees Clear Skies

A thought in four panels


A catch watches colorful dominos fall over

Cats and Domino

Recommended viewing to lift the spirit.


A black and white photo of a man with a mustache, a bear puppet and a pig puppet with lovely hair

An interview with Frank Oz

There's some heaviness in this conversation with puppeteer and director Frank Oz, but I wish it was three times longer. And Stepford Wives wasn't that bad of a movie.


A teaser for a new album for the Swedish band ABBA

ABBA Voyage

There were murmurs that new ABBA music would be coming for some time, but now that it's just days away? Yeah, I'm giddy.


A capture of a videogame with a female character centered in the scene with evening light

Season, a game about capturing that fleeting moment

Explore the world through the eye of a young woman recording the last moments of different cultures before they’re washed away. / via @colly


A man and woman dance alongside a field in China

Dancing to improve health

I first caught Peng Xiaoying and Fan Deduo while I had TikTok installed and their movements made me happy. I'm glad I followed the comments to seek out more of their story.


A still frame of a video with a woman center screen wearing a goldenrod sweater and holding a round block of cheese

How to cut all the cheeses

Cheesemonger Anne Saxelby illustrates the best way to cut, serve and store all the cheeses. #aspirational-work-title


A doctor closes a curtain

Compassion fatigue

"I didn’t want to take anything experimental." the dying patient said, though earlier he'd started taking hydroxychloroquine he had found on the internet.


A yellow handheld videogame console with a crank

The story of Playdate

Podcast with Panic as they discuss how they came to make the Playdate with Teenage Engineering (now available for pre-sale!).


Infographic of languages around the world

Languages of the World

7,102 languages represented in this infographic by Alberto Lucas Lopez. / via Caterina Fake


A paper shredder represents falling rain in a miniature diorama

Tatsuya Tanaka’s Miniature Calendar

Scenes created with alternative items to recreate everyday things. Smile inducing. / via Yewknee


Two men work the earth in architectural ways

A Dream Water Park

Made by two men (and one cameraman) in 278 days. A mesmerizing 18 minutes. / via Yewknee


A can of beer with guitar pick

Notes IPA

Beer with a removable guitar pick and cans that illustrate chords. Neato. / via UnderConsideration


A zine about queer typography set in bright colors

What is Queer Typography?

An excellent looking small batch Risograph zine supporting the Queer.Archive.Work organization. / / via & by @soulellis


A large group of tourists at the Grand Canyon

Crowded National Parks

I'm glad the parks are getting visitors, but maybe we need more of them... (The photos and videos for this article illustrate the overcrowding quite well.)


Photo of black woman with elaborate headpiece

Black is beautiful

Brooklyn-born black photographer Kwame Brathwaite inspired new viewpoints, visual language and a movement to celebrate black lives in the 60's / via Creative Mornings newsletter


An illustration of a tree with the words "Shadows Dance" written


9 panels about growing by Grant Snider / via my friend Shannon