October 27, 2022

Performant Mental Health

Five-part series designed to ignite greater awareness of mental health issues at home and at work by Suzanne Moll and Eddie Brouse, edited by Cameron Moll


Icon of head with check engine light icon

October 24, 2022

Cincinnati’s first chili parlor

Dann Woellert explores the history of this local dish on its 100th anniversary.


Photograph of an Empress Chili Parlour in downtown Cincinnati

October 23, 2022

Music Mini Player

A replica of the classic iTunes MiniPlayer to control Apple Music on modern macOS. Functioning nostalgia! / hat tip to Riccardo


Retro Mac music controller app that looks like the initial OSX interface style

Jeff Goldblum quotes George Bernard Shaw

If you prefer not to watch video in a tweet, here’s the quote in text.


Jeff Goldblum holds up a finger as he recites a quote as a guest on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

October 21, 2022

Lotte Chair by Sarah Hossli

Simple design to help folks get in and out of the chair. / via Dezeen


A woman sits happily in a chair with high sturdy arms that aid in transitioning from seated to standing

October 19, 2022

Generosity is our currency

An inside look at Creative Mornings, with oodles of excellent photos to flush out the story. Speaking of which, featured image by Tory Williams.


A group of folks hold up signs of encouragement

October 18, 2022

I worry about the things I love…

"and the ways of doing and being that I love, becoming old-fashioned or whatever. But there’s two sides to everything. The crazier the world gets, the more there’s people looking for ways to make it not so crazy. I’ve put my foot in the camp of the people who are trying to make the world less crazy" - John Porcellino / via Brandon Schaefer


Drawing of a man in distress with glasses and a five o'clock shadow

October 17, 2022

It’s none of your business.

"You’ve created something – a drawing, a layout, a video, a piece of code, or a blog post – and after you’re more or less done, you pause and you look at it. And you don’t like it." Mattias Ott bridges this thinking with wisdom from Lynda Barry


Lynda Barry sits at her desk to draw.

October 13, 2022

Do it poorly

Motivation in the thread.


Two post-its on top of a computer monitor that read "HALF-ASS IT" and "DO IT POORLY"

October 11, 2022

Nothing great is made alone

Wonderful work from Collins sharing the Figma story. Bonus? Reading the "+ Project Information" backstory to get a sense of the journey.


Nothing great is made alone

October 7, 2022

js13kGames 2022 winners

I've played four of these games that fall under 13kB or less of JavaScript (that's small) and each one was quite enjoyable! / via sidebar


A bit mapped video game with characters variegating a 2d landscape

Explaining how Stable Diffusion works

I've a better understanding of AI image generation thanks to Jay Alammar.


Diagram showing input and output of stable diffusion AI image generation from text. In this instance, "paradise cosmic beach" is the input with an illustration approximating such is the output

Kyoto EP

Simon Collison’s Site Nonsite journey continues with a second EP. Two songs streaming now. More records should have release notes for each track like Simon has provided (scroll down).


Cover for the EP titled "Kyoto" by Site Nonsite featuring a green duotone image in the background and a color photograph of a person holding a bright umbrella facing away from the camera

Robtober 22

If you're looking for horror movies to get psyched up for Halloween, Rob has a list. Check them out, his life depends on it.


Robtober 2022 graphic with ransom note typography and blood splatters

October 6, 2022

The Doodle House

Mr. Doodle's project over the last few years is quite impressive. Dedication and consistency FTW.


A man in a white suit covered in thick black lines of doodles stands on the steps of a white house interior, also covered in thick black lines of doodles

October 5, 2022

Siegfried & Joy

I laughed, out loud... and then watched this video more times than I wanted to count. Their 'gram is chock full of more laughs. / thanks Ben


Two magicians in fabulous fake tiger fur coats and sunglasses hold up a gold piece of fabric for a magic trick

October 4, 2022


I have the sudden urge to modify an old iPod with an SD card.


hand holding a modified iPod with clear case

October 3, 2022

Meet the Artist: Noah Kalina

I've long admired Noah's work (and newsletter) but never listened to his podcast. (I'm visual, not auditory.) But it was nice to see/hear him talk about photography in this Samsung Frame thingy.


a man holds a camera in the woods

September 29, 2022

Teenage Engineering Record Factory

Compact and portable record cutter that allows you to create your own 5” vinyl records and playback in lo-fi sound. WHOA + NEATO! / via Tom


A record cutting machine brightly colored with orange and white plastic

September 27, 2022

Scenes From Imagined Films

Jordan Bolton wrote a screenplay but couldn't get the resources to produce it. Now he makes comics with grounded emotion. Oodles more on his Instagram.


A four panel comic showing a rose come to bloom with text that reads "The more I look for beauty. The more I find it. The more I share it. The more it grows."

September 25, 2022

The angle and rotation speed of the planets

Someone remixed Dr James O'Donoghue's animation with faces. This makes science concepts easy to grok.


Animations of the planets speed and angle of rotation with cartoon faces drawn on each planet


Change lighting of photos with AI. It's free, so there's all that comes with that. But it's also pretty dang good.


A man holds his cat and three colored dots indicate changing the lighting

September 21, 2022

Record grooves

Had I never seen these before? I have no idea, but they're neato.


Microscopic view of a record player needle in the grooves of a vinyl record. The grooves look a bit like a canyon.

September 17, 2022

Small Seasons

A more fine-grained way of thinking about the year in two week sekki. We're at “Drops of dew on grass” at the moment. More insight from Ross Zurowski / via Rachel


Dew drops on grass in the morning

Adleradel Boden

My friend Dan posted a photo from this hotel’s restaurant at dinner and I’m adding it to my bucket list


A classic hotel in the Swiss Alpine village in the Bernese Oberland region

September 14, 2022

Macaulay’s fit checks

Using the new background removal feature in iOS


A cutout image of a man's different daily outfits on a black background

The new Verge

I quite like how the new Verge logo overlaps and intersects featured images. Their refreshed design and intent is described in this post. Not sure about the commingling Tweets and articles, but I applaud experimenting.


Screenshot of a feature on The Verge website for an article about the Apple iPhone 14 Pro. The Verge logo is sideways overlapping the colorful image of the phone with a polka dotted background.

September 12, 2022

The Secret to Making Friends as an Adult

Queuing up this podcast based on Chris Coyier's post, “3 Kinds of Loneliness


Artwork for podcast that arranges the words "THE HAPPINESS LAB" as a smiley face on a yellow background

Take care of your blog

"Your own private domain is the most valuable thing you can own." It's certainly up there! / via Belong


Titles to dozens of blog posts running together as sentences. The first one reads "Everything is worthy of your blog."

Meow Wolf Denver

150 artists to created a series of immersive installations made from mostly salvaged material wedged between 3 highways. #bucketlist


An angular building lit with pink lights framed by the shadows of highways. The base of the building has a neon sign that reads MEOW WOLF

September 7, 2022

Paul Rand’s Logo Presentation Books

A trove of logo concept books from Rand. Many of these identity studies weren't approved. Still great to peruse.


Spread from a logo presentation for a new Ford logo. A model T in red is part of the composition

September 6, 2022

Linotype & Machinery

Doug Wilson toured the British Linotype factory to see what remains. He brought together history and oodles of photos in his post.


brick building with the words Linotype and Machinery AD 1897 painted on the facade

Big Blanket

I too find that most blankets never have enough coverage. Filing away for gifts. / via @dansinker


A dog wrapped in a large gray blanket

September 2, 2022

Guided Breathing for Beginners (11 minutes)

My friend Tom just sent this link and raved saying, "Don't worry if you can't hold your breath the whole time." I just did it and it lowered my heart rate considerably. Can I start every day doing this?


A graphic representing a breathing exercise

August 31, 2022

The beautiful signage of Comédie-Française

Theater wayfinding inspired by pulleys and ropes which are used to change sets on stage. More photos on CL Design's site


Two circular signs hanging from the ceiling in a very classic theater connected by a rope of light

August 30, 2022

Visions Not Previously Seen

Barbara “Bobbie” Stauffacher Solomon mixed Swiss graphic design principles with West Coast Pop art stylings, essentially creating supergraphics, and in doing so shaped the history of design. / Revisiting this link for inspiration


Graphic design by Barbara Stuaffacher. Very minimal geometric shapes and san serif type on a white background

August 26, 2022


I've linked to these felt wall tiles before, but I really like the simplicity that Jeff Sheldon employed.


Beige vertical wall tiles made of felt with items pinned to them

Animated Tour Inside a Fire Engine Truck

It's like a Dorling Kindersley book come to life. Lots more 'Animigraffs' by Jake O'Neal.


3D animation showing the features of a firetruck

Endless Robot Story

By Vaskange using the Endless Paper App. It's not really endless, but it's got dystopian robot melancholy down pat. / via MeFi


An illustration of a robot looking forlorn at a table with an empty bird cage

August 23, 2022

Buttons are better than screens, in vehicles

I am a broken record, but every time I see this link pop up across my surfing I'm like, heck yes buttons are better.


2005 Volvo car interior with lots of physical buttons

TikTok monitoring all keyboard inputs and taps

If you use their in-app browser that is. Which is kind of a huge deal. (Other apps do this too and that's what this post details. TMKY


Alert showing the amount of snooping that Javascript can inject into apps that build in their own internet browser

August 19, 2022

The Aesop Queer Library

Aesop removed products from Melbourne and Sydney stores and stocked the shelves with books with 60 LGBTQIA+ authors and allies to celebrate Australia’s 2022 Pride festivities. / via OMGLORD


A store stocked with shelved filled with books written by LGBTQAI+ authors and allies

August 18, 2022

Wild Things are Happening

150 sketches, original illustrations, storyboards, and paintings from Maurice Sendak's projects and collaborations coming Oct 2022 to the Columbus Museum of Art.


Illustrated cover from the book Where the Wild Things Are featuring two monsters and a child with a crown and scepter on the back of one of the monsters

August 15, 2022

Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You.

Barbara Kruger's latest installation at MoMA NYC makes me want to travel / via John Maeda


Art museum filled with black and white words covering the walls, floor and ceiling

August 9, 2022

The Price is Right Cars

Instagram account with classic cars featured on The Price is Right from the 70’s and 80’s. / via Autoblog


A grid of old cars on an Instagram account

August 8, 2022

Search dog or cat on Google

And then click on the paw icon, repeatedly. / via my friend Zana's retweet


An illustrated dog paw on top of the Google search results page for dog

August 5, 2022

The Cheese & Pickle

David Swanson writes about this British sandwich and I'm determined to make one. The (Branston) pickle is unique, with 23 ingredients and a taste "closer to an Indian chutney" / via @dansinker


Cheese and Pickle sandwich sliced in half next to a jar of Branston pickles which are more like a relish

3 approaches to solving problems

Appreciate these reminders gleaned from Steve Jobs - 1.) Zoom Out 2.) Focus In 3.) Disconnect


Photo illustration of Steve Jobs looking happy on a beige background

Emma Bers

Dig the life and humanity of Emma’s graphic design. Bonus interview on It’s Nice That: If I’m Not Having Fun I Scrap It.


Colorful loose graphic design posters

The Other Forty-Eight States

This joke about Marvel's universe of movies mixed with Sufjan Stevens made me laugh. I doubt it's funny to many.


A fake screencap of a Marvel presentation at ComicCon that touts the release of Sufjan Stevens albums

Pick & Cheese

The world’s first cheese conveyor belt restaurant in the heart of London’s West End. You know, if I ever get to London and see that ABBA show. / via Matt Haughey


A conveyor belt with cheese instead of sushi

Ace Hotel Toronto

Swiped through photos on Uncrate and added this place to the bucket list. More snapshots and insight on dezeen


A modern hotel bar interior with concrete forms

Customize a Hawaiian shirt with your pet

A convergence of things I appreciate very much


A Hawaiian shirt with cat faces tucked behind palm leaves


A digital moodboard organized in chapters, and publish a new one whenever the mood strikes by Joshua Blankenship. For when you need some visual vibes in your #moodscrolling #ffffound


A mood board of cool graphics

August 4, 2022

Right On! A Documentary on Student Protest

AIGA has a solid deep dive (and video thumbing through pages) of this distilling reports of campus protests. David L. Burke's design keeps the vibe of a zine in a paperback format. It's gorgeous.


August 3, 2022

Practice any art…

music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what’s inside you, to make your soul grow.


A loose drawing of a man's face with the words Kurt Vonnegut

August 2, 2022

Todd Oldham’s Place in the Poconos

As my friend Thor mentioned when sharing this link, "More is more."


An eclectic living room with colorful couch and a dog sitting on the back

July 29, 2022

An interview with Mike Mills about C’mon C’mon

Just watched this movie (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) and it was soul filling with lovely, quiet performances and emotion. Been trying to devour more about it and this interview helped expand the concepts.


Black and white still from a movie where a man in a white button down shirt carries a young man on his back in the midst of a parade in New Orleans

The Future Belongs To What Was As Much As What Is

Colorful typo/graphic gatehouse installation by Morag Myerscough and poet Ellen Moran in northern England


Colorfully designed gateway filled with type, graphics and messages of belonging

July 18, 2022

Hyundai N Vision 74

I don't think about sports cars too much because I generally couldn't fit in them if I tried, but dang Hyundai's design team is on fire.


A futuristic sports car concept