April 14, 2023

Martha Stewart, still blogging

Steady posting from her Ominmedia since 2007 in decidedly old school digs. I'd love to know the process behind it as her voice is present but she certainly can't be blogging!


Pink Azalea flower

April 12, 2023

Pull quotes by Jonathan Hoefler

Inspiration and nice type make a good marriage. / via a reply to Merlin’s Wisdom Limo



April 11, 2023

Fred again.. Tiny Desk Concert

Fred again.. translates his electronic music in wonderful ways for this Tiny Desk Concert.


Fred again.. at the keyboard performing at NPR for their Tiny Desk Concert segment

April 10, 2023

Start low-fi

Erica Heinz shares perspective on why low-fidelity is a better approach for product development. In some sense, this is a great approach for any notion...


Low-fidelity wireframe UX sketching kit

A Mid Century

This poster from Eaton Print Shop made me chuckle. / via Chris Streger


Mid poster

April 4, 2023

Electronic Materials Office Keyboard

I'm not a keyboard person, but this Altar 1 ultra-low profile, wireless mechanical one forged from sustainable materials might sway me. / via Gastón


Designy keyboard

April 3, 2023

Everything Paul Carroll made in 2022

I absolutely love all of this… Things made in Blender! Experiments that might have gathered dust! The delight and joy in the process! Chill sharing! Delightful and inspiring.


3D rendering of a video game figure

Making an interactive blog map

Or any sort of diagram for that matter. Tom Critchlow shares an option that uses Figma, SVGs and CSS. I had no idea this was possible — this opens up so many doors!


Interactive blog diagram


Chris Hytha and team use drones and a bit of artistic license to capture the top of landmark buildings and they’re delightful with just the right amount of surreal. / via Kottke


Art Deco high rise photograph


If you follow OH no Type Co’s (excellent) Instagram or TikTok you’d know this nouveau display typeface was coming. It has flowers (and a monstera) in the ornaments.


Regrets typeface sample

Kehinde Wiley

Short film about Kehinde’s upbringing and process in support of his exhibition An Archaeology of Silence at the de Young museum.


Kehinde Wiley paints a portrait

April 2, 2023

Digicam Finder

The bad news: Amazon is shutting down the excellent DPReview, a favorite website to learn about digital cameras. The good news: Folks are making an archive that in some ways, is better! / via Tom Watson


Digital camera database

April 1, 2023

Coloring the Past

Eli Erlick has colorized and restored photos from queer and trans history, collected with valuable context. / via Ben Werdmuller


Woman with cigarette

March 30, 2023

I wish my computer cursor was this lively

Figma has tight animations to show off new features. Dig. And yay for hanging punctuation among oodles of other improvements.


A panel for Bartlett Pears showing off new features for the design tool Figma

March 28, 2023

Simple Mortgage Calculator

Trying to answer the simple question of how much house can we afford is made difficult by awful search engines. Shawn Hickman made this spreadsheet for non-financial experts and it looks quite good and worth the price. His overview video provides insight.


Screenshot of a simple mortgage calculator spreadsheet

The Magical Musical Thing

David Hilowitz explores the 70’s toy electronic instrument from Mattel and speaks to the creator. We had one of these growing up and it was indeed a bit magical. / via Chuck Jordan


Magical Musical Thing

March 27, 2023

John Gruber on Wavelength

His post describes a new app for group chat, built on privacy and fortified with (deep breath) A.I. So good he’s on board and makes a compelling case as to why.


Wave icon

Luis Barragán

Was a Mexican architect and engineer. The places he designed celebrate form and color. This foundation catalogs his life and work. / via Richard Perez in a roundabout way


Luis Barragan architecture

Chris Ware shares his day and process

Oh this video is gooooood. “A book itself is sort of the perfect metaphor for a human being. It’s got a front and a back. It’s got a spine, and it’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.”


Man drawing a comic

March 25, 2023

Top 100 3D vehicle renders of 4,280 submissions

Clinton Jones organizes and curates these render challenges and they’re really great. Now I’m going through older challenges thanks to a collection of links on MetaFilter.


Futuristic 3d render of a pimped out Mustang in a race

March 22, 2023

Classic Video Games Stamps Sheet

I could see this framed on the wall and that would be pleasing. (But then I see the stacks of things that are framed and not hung around the house.) / via Laughing Squid


Stamps with abstract representations of 42 videogames

Doug Wilson catalogs his library

From the shelving, organization, labelling and cataloging — an inspiration for anyone who appreciates everything in its right place, and accessible to share.



Drift Hotels

With locations in San José del Cabo, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs and Nashville soon, these hotels look zen. / via Naz


Drift hotel in Palm Springs

Naz Hamid’s personal website

For a long time this domain linked to other online homes for Naz. During the pandemic it started to evolve. Now it is a new destination unto itself. Thoughtful details abound.


Naz Hamid’s home page

March 20, 2023

Mashing up Star Wars ships with old aircraft in Lego

Jordan Fridal has quite the knack.


X-51 Mustang Lego Mashup

A bearded dude in an orange hat

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is clapping back in support of their emblem on social media. Some chuckles in the replies / via Brand New


Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation emblem

March 19, 2023

Public Announcement

Brand consultancy and media company with a homepage chock full of links and some fine keyboard navigation throughout. Their website is part zine, art project, commentary and probably a few other things I haven’t figured out yet. Fun!


Public Announcement written on a tennis ball

Borrow Trouble

New music video by Feist has some Michel Gondry vibes. Dig. / via Public Annoucement


Feist grab from music video

(Almost) every music video of Michel Gondry

I loved the 2003 Director Series DVD of Gondry’s work. This YouTube playlist adds in oodles of more recent music videos. Also recommended: The series Kidding with Jim Carrey (with 8 episodes directed by Gondry).


Meg White on drums. Still from The Hardest Button to Button music video

Simple Type Co.

Dan Cederholm launched a new site that brought together his fonts and goods. He keeps adding to it with updates, samples and enthusiasm.


Easy Coast font specimen sample

Maybe drone delivery will really be a thing

Actually, it already is. This video is a fine use of twenty minutes and as JP says, “makes me feel a bit more optimistic about the future.”


Zipline drone delivery thing

March 15, 2023

MonoLisa monospace font

Designed to ease staring at it for long stretches of time with bonus script (fancy italic) version / via Trevor Morris


MonoLisa monospace font sample

March 14, 2023

What Aegir made in 2022

So many lovely expressions of form, experiments, mediums, and results. (Including the food, which sometimes is the most I can make in a day.)


A wooden pineapple thing in front of geometric square pattern

Merlin’s Wisdom, cont.

“If you can't be a good example, at least try to become an interesting cautionary tale.” Merlin moves his wisdom but keeps adding to it. Re-linking as I’m writing a list to my future self (WIP).


A Github header for bits of wisdom that Merlin Mann has collected

Jason Kottke’s website is 25 years old

It’s a bright spot on the internet.


A photograph of a young man at a computer

March 6, 2023

Designing Women

An enlightenment project exploring the impact of women in design. I particularly enjoyed all the profiles. Just digging into the resources. / via Daniel Benneworth-Gray’s Meanwhile newsletter


Geometric shapes form a square on the cover of a Herman Miller publication

Line Dings

MetaFilter’s free thread had a link to this font of glyphs that forms borders and patterns that lock up quite nicely.


A wingding font that makes border patterns

NOS poster by Senyor Estudi

A drawing with hundreds of people gathered, forming the word NOS (“us” in Catalan), a poster for the fight against cancer. More info: Never Give Up


The letters US formed from drawings of people

March 1, 2023

Ansel Adams Lego concept

Reddit user LobsterThermidor calls this “The Landscape Photographer”. I’d dig seeing a Lego series like this, with artists in their element/studio over recreating just their works.


Ansel Adams Lego concept

The Funny Pages in Modern Times

David Friedman missed the funny pages. So he used ChatGPT to work through coding up a tool to select and deliver the dailies through a page generated by RSS feeds. One of the best uses of AI I’ve seen yet.


Auto generated comics HTML page

February 28, 2023

Craig Mod on walking Zelda

and growing up, folks that inform your journey and ways that video games can inspire futures...


Screencap of Link looking out across Hyrule in Breath of the Wild game on Nintendo Switch

February 27, 2023

Vulf Stuff

Vulfpeck made their merch Open Source—anyone can make goods and split the profits with the band (details). Andrew Neyer ran with it with delightful results.


Hockey Puck that reads Vulf

February 26, 2023


Esoteric Color Palette Generator that “harnesses mystical witchcraft” by David Aerne. Scroll down for options and the extra nice color naming. / via Dan Burzo


Color wheel with 5 selections along an axis

February 23, 2023

Trying patch

Dan Sinker wrote about trying. He’s now made a patch to remind himself to do so.


A patch that reads TRYING

Anish Kapoor sculpture squashed under New York skyscraper

Akin to his Cloud Gate (”Bean”) in Chicago, the as yet to be named blob is quite lovely and I hope to see it in NYC.


Blobby mirrored sculpture at base of skyscraper

February 22, 2023

Save SVGs extension

Oh my word I didn't know this browser extension existed. I’m often trying to track down SVG logos and stuff for companies. It's Chrome based, so it works with Arc!


SVG art of a fingerprint

February 20, 2023

A new model: Private equity and employee ownership

Saw this on Sunday Morning and it was heartwarming. I’d fathom there’s an untold side of the story where the private equity firm is making oodles, but to see employees get some benefit is wonderful.


CBS Sunday Morning sun graphic

Jason Forrest’s career chart

Followed the path to Jason’s site from the Eames quotes and I can get lost for days on his personal site. The career chart on his about / contact page offers a snapshot of his work and passions—a lovely bit of visualization.


Career chart by Jason Forrest

Charles Eames on design

“Design as a plan for arranging elements to accomplish a particular purpose.” Jason Forrest calls out a few other choice tidbits from this Design Q&A video with Eames. / via DJ


Eames stuff

February 19, 2023

Diaries of Note

Shaun Usher (Letters of Note) started this new project in January. My first visit was this excellent entry about science and art by Raymond Chandler.


Diaries of Note

February 17, 2023

Unordered, incomplete list of things I want from a job

Lynn Fisher outlines a dream job. / via Guy


Illustration of a laptop displaying "Hello World" and a glass with a portrait of a Lynn Fisher

February 16, 2023

Bottles of Veuve Clicquot

Justin Duke made a deal with his partner “to celebrate things we’re particularly proud of with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.” And then he documents each moment. I really love this idea. (Plus also? There’s an RSS feed.)


A bottle of champagne

February 14, 2023


OHno Type Co’s revival of Davida is joyous.


Casserole type

February 12, 2023

Valentine Moon Pie packaging

I dig that the box for these can be cut up into 10 individual Valentine cards. / via Brand New’s Friday Likes


Strawberry Moon Pie packaging for Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2023

Retro bass

Base lines from classic video games. Here they are pulled together in an extended song.


Diagrams of bass lines

February 8, 2023

Tidy Reader

“A simple bookmarklet to tidy up articles for easy reading” and OMG IT’S AWESOME


Tidy Reader

February 7, 2023

Pat Kim x Hanji Edition

This moiré woodcut print is enchanting. (Watch the short video) / via Scott Boms


Moiré woodblock print

February 6, 2023

My Favourite Computer, An Old Mac

“I can tell it my thoughts and my secrets without wondering if it's going to share them with others, or with corporations.” – Connor Oliver / via Daring Fireball


Bitmapped photograph of a Macintosh Classic II and a black cat

Remove backgrounds in macOS

I knew this was a part of iOS but didn’t realize it was a contextual menu away on the Mac. Thanks Christian Heilmann!


Remove background command in macOS

February 4, 2023

Adobe adds photogrammetry tools

Turn still photos (from phone or camera) into 3D models with automatic subject masking and texture mapping. (Wikipedia on Photogrammetry)


3D photo setup