A fake mid-century modern desk

West Elm Mid-Century Desk

There are a ton of configurations for this workstation. It's over-priced with veneer wood, but it inspires me to dig around some second hand shops to find something scuffed up


A TV stand with vertical slats

Luka TV Stand

My friend SwissMiss loves this piece dearly and I must say, it's a lovely twist on a TV stand.


A modern cuckoo clock

KOOKOO Birdhouse

A contemporary twist on a cuckoo clock that features field recordings of real birds and goes to sleep at night.


A modern styled bench

Carta Bench by Burrow

This will be the first of many links where I gather ideas for home furnishing. Sorry if you came for cool stuff. I don't use Pinterest and I don't plan to start.


A cow made of items on a clothesline

Household Surrealism

Helga Stentzel is a Russian-born visual artist based in London. Lots of inspired work transforming everyday objects into other everyday things. / via MetaFilter


A black and white zine template about gratitude

Gratitude Zine

I very much enjoyed sitting at the kitchen counter while the Thanksgiving meal cooked, filling out this little number by Austin Kleon.


A wide array of colorful vinyl stickers by artists and designers

Tattly Stickers

Tattly expands beyond temporary tattoos to these repositionable vinyl stickers by artists, illustrators and designers.


An album filled with black and white photos

A thread about value in life

Sorting through a strangers home and finding something worthwhile.


Eggs floating from a planet to the clouds

A Dozen Eggs

I'm generally happy to see anything Michel Gondry puts out there. This is a fine example, mostly because it was all shot with a mobile phone.


A profile of a man and a timeline of movie stills

Hans Zimmer career timeline

Dig this series from Vanity Fair where creative folks describe highlights (and low points) of their career. This one from Hans Zimmer makes me appreciate his soundtracks even more.


A black and white cover of a zine


I love Austin Kleon's train of thought about putting space in-between things. I've long felt this way about books, imagining the next chapter as I fall asleep, but this is a whole other level.


An online word game called World


You get 5 tries to guess a single word each day. It's like Mastermind, but with language. Super fun. / via Waxy


A tailor cuts fabric for a bespoke suit

How to Make a Bespoke Savile Row Suit

I'm trying to train the algorithms to stop showing me dash cam footage and fail videos. More of this please.


A kitty cat on an abstract yellow shape


A nationwide network of cat sitters. Handy! / via SwissMiss


An array of gold colored hexagonal mirrors

Marry me?

Ben Bartlett designed a "mirror thingy" that spelled out Marry me? when reflecting the setting sun. (His fella said yes.) / via MeFi


Isometric pixel video game of a dorm room with cardboard boxes ready to be unpacked.

The Unpacking game

I would totally want to play this game of unpacking boxes even if I didn't realize there are over 14,000 sound effects so when you place something on a hard or soft surface it makes a different sound. Zen.


Colorful type showcasing a retro font called Cartridge

Cartridge font

Inspired by old video game labels, Cartridge is a new display sans-serif that evokes quintessential 80s vibes - by Dan Cederholm


Colorful geometric lines covering every surface in a room


Immersive art experience in Middletown, Ohio. Need to get out here before they wrap up on Dec 19, 2021 (thumbnail features art by Chase Melendez)


Matchbooks made to look like hands doing sign language

Fingerspelling Matchbooks

From the mind and hand of artist JK Keller


A collage of pansies

Pansies, 1968 by Joe Brainard

Nayland put this art on his Tumblr and I'm "reblogging" it here because I dig it lots.


Kid A amnesia

Retain a beginner’s mind

Simon Collison collects links and pulls (an excellent) quote from an interview with Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood as they discuss the visual language of Radiohead's album art over the years.


A puzzle made of colorful lines intertwined

Tangled Puzzle

I feel like I could (happily) complete this puzzle by Vratislav Pecka


Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla

Toyota Tacozilla

Sadly, this camper truck concept is not real. But I can dream.


A black and white photograph of people in masks

A short thread about masks

Austin Kleon loves photos of people in masks. Turns out I do too.


Random bits of wisdom typed out in white letters on a black background

Merlin’s GitHub of wisdom

Whenever you meet someone new, ask them what they're most excited about right now. Everyone interesting is excited about something right now, and they'd probably love to tell you about it. (And many more!)


Postcards with the same sky and clouds

Same Sky Postcards

An obsessive collector noticed something strange in his 11,000 postcards... The clouds were the same. / via Yewknee


Four folks walk in fields of wheat

Burberry Open Spaces

Call it a commercial or a really short film, this has a vibe that tickles the soul.


A screenshot of a video editing application with video of a hand flipping through the pages of a book filled with photographs taken in Japan

Kissa by Kissa, behind the scenes

Craig Mod reveals the process to produce his photography book that documented one of his walks across Japan.


Funny Halloween illustrations

Inspirational monsters

I went down a rabbit hole looking at the work of Gemma Correll. Here's where I started.


A VHS screen reading Robtober 2021 with a timecode

Robtober 21

Each year Rob Weychert schedules new-to-him horror movies for each day of the month. On this year's list is Magic with Anthony Hopkins that both terrified me as a child and inspired me to get a ventriloquist doll.