July 7, 2023

Kona Village

Just swiping through Uncrate’s mini slideshow of this joint in Hawaii and adding it to the travel bucket list.


Hawaiian resort overlooking the ocean

A Brief History of the Salon Wall

Atlanta’s High Museum of Art lends insight to the history plus also tips on hanging your own dense wall of art. Sidenote: when I’ve a huge space I shall enlist the help of FrameShop to frame and hang it all. They have such good instincts there.


Example of salon-style art hanging, where all the pieces are densely packed together

July 6, 2023

RSS Feeds from Apple

Mostly music charts, but there‘s Apple News, dev info and movie trailers too. / via Luke Dorny


laptop on gray gradient background

Chorzów Activity Zone

I was enamored by the drone shot of this park, but the more I see the more I want to go to there.


Chorzów Activity zone playground photographed from above

Framed, a visual collection

I see these shapes all over design these days and I think it’s fun. But definitely a pattern. Elizabeth Goodspeed has other nice collections of the moment, like Squishy Type, Picture in Picture and Stack.


Girl Scout mockup of outdoor posters

July 5, 2023

Fried Chicken Joints in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Magazine collects a list of sixteen places that serve fried chicken in the Queen City. Saving to explore later!


Hitching Post World's Best Fried Chicken sign

The Sphere lights up

The largest LED screen in the world is also a sphere. Fittingly in Vegas. It looks bonkers.


Sphere in Vegas

1997 Daihatsu Hijet Campervan 

First thing that brightened my morning was seeing this little van. / via Seth


1997 Daihatsu Hijet Campervan with red, orange and golden stripes

July 3, 2023

Ellen Voorheis

Enjoyed wandering through Ellen’s work (and this collaboration with Saft Rodeo). Brightened up a lovely rainy morning. / via New Commute


Abstract colorful scultpture

June 27, 2023

Letterform Archive shares gems, like these numbers

Verdun Cook, U&lc, vol. 2, no. 1, The International Typeface Corporation, New York, 1975


Stylized numbers 1-9

Backstage Disneyland

Cabel Sasser collected oodles of “Backstage Disneyland” newsletters distributed to Disney park employees (cast members), scanned them in (really well) and uploaded to the Internet Archive. Worth it for the covers but when you dig into each issue it is a gargantuan trove of inspiration, visually and content-wise.


Backstage Disney magazine cover with illustration of a flower in pot

June 26, 2023

There’s always new ways to expand the scope of our care

 Robin Rendle on updating and maintaining a personal website and considering the details, like type, but also just all the things.


Headlines from Robin Rundle’s essays on the website

June 21, 2023

Byrne’s Euclid

Nicholas Rougeux’s (glorious) reproduction of Oliver Byrne’s celebrated work from 1847 with interactive diagrams, posters and more. / relink via (in a roundabout way) Jim Nielsen on spacial Safari and good ol’ semantic, accessible HTML


Byrne’s Euclid diagrams

June 20, 2023


An amusing use for artificial intelligence


Prince William with AI hair

Loose Ends

Volunteers complete craft projects that loved ones have left behind. Heard about this on NPR and immediately thought of the pile of quilts my mom left pieced together but not finished.


Person holding knit blanket

June 19, 2023

You have no obligation to your former self

Hank Green on investing in connection to others and yourself. / via Andy Baio


Man gets mohawk haircut

Panic Away

French illustrator and designer Justine Jossart created products featuring anxiety and phobias to sell and get rid of them for good. / via FontsInUse


Panic stickers with Pink, Yellow and Black designs of flowers and type

June 13, 2023

Magic must always triumph

The problem facing modern man now (the reconciliation of intellect and feelings/brain and heart/rational and irrational/mind and spirit/etc. etc.) is compounded by the increasing power of technology and its misuse by those in power who wish only to control. 


Keith Haring drawing from 1984. A yellow figure's hands move through the head and stomach

June 12, 2023


There are less than fifty working analog photo booths remaining in the world and FotoAutomat is working to restore and maintain more (and they're each restored to their delightful original design). How fun would it be to visit all of them? / via Present & Correct


Foto Automat

June 7, 2023

Principles of spatial design

There are so many neato things about visionOS. One I’m most excited about is removing the boundaries of interfaces to be more transparent and a part of the environment with less cruft. May it trickle down across all the OSes and computing experiences!


visionOS Music app floating in a living room

A bicycle for the senses

Stephan Ango’s optimistic thoughts on sensory computing paired with the just announced Apple Vision Pro.


Kepano’s avatar (a smiling face with eyes closed)

June 6, 2023

Graphic Design Reading List

Dig the breadth, diversity and cross-section of websites, articles and books covering a bevy of design topics. / via DJ


Categories of design readings

June 5, 2023

The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders

Stumbled on this video by Neal Foard and immediately dug his vibe and what he’s sharing. This story and parable will inspire deeper exploration of his online footprint.


The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders

Miss Ada’s Whipped Ricotta recipe

Thanks to Tina I’m adding Miss Ada Restaurant to the list next time in Brooklyn, and filing away this recipe for the future, and by future I mean as soon as possible


Mediterranean small dishes photographed from above

June 2, 2023

The story and process behind Shantell Sans

Shantell Martin and and Arrow Type teamed up to transform her handwriting into a 5-axis variable weight font where you can adjust weight, italic, spacing, informality and bounce.


Shantell Sans typeface with illustration

Linotype Book Project

Doug Wilson is expanding his interest and knowledge of Linotype into a book. If it is anything like the film he was a part of it’ll be excellent.


Linotype Book Project

Cultivating a creative community

Tina Roth-Eisenberg of CreativeMornings chats with Guy Raz on the How I Built This podcast and it is a delightful listen. I always catch new angles when Tina shares her story.


How I Built This podcast artwork

ID. Buzz from Volkswagen

I'll truly believe it when I see one on the road, but the vehicle of my dreams as a youth is almost to these shores. I'm glad to read the third row can be removed entirely. It’s still a year away from US dealerships. (2024)


ID. Buzz US edition

May 30, 2023

Web Roulette

Swipe through favorite websites or shake for random fun. This looks like an extra fun way to browser the web. / via Daring Fireball


Web Roulette app icon

Rachel Spellings swatch book paintings

These tiny paintings are delightful.


Paint swatch paintings

May 26, 2023

Invisible Things

Andy J Pizza & Sophie Miller have a book coming out that puts visuals and words to some of the invisible things that make up the human experience. At first blush, it’s a kids book, but there’s a kid in most of us. (Unfortunately, some are still bullies, but whatever!)


Invisible Things book cover

Arc Boost

Arc just leapfrogged every browser with Boost, a way to customize how websites look and ”zap” features you don't like.


Arc browser screenshot showing customization screen

May 25, 2023

Make an annoying RoboCall in order to get rid of annoying RoboCalls

MSCHF exploits a dumb government loophole that allows for robocalls as long as a human initiates them. Now you can help raise money and awareness to lobby against them by firing up a ton of spam calls.


Screenshot of robocall website

May 24, 2023

Busy Beaver Button Museum

I’ve had oodles of buttons produced by Busy Beaver (they do fantastic work). I didn't realize they’ve also made a book and started a button museum. Fun. / via Grace


Lots of buttons

May 23, 2023

David Friedman gets no mail and you can too

Another lovely Ironic Sans newsletter filled with a bevy of steps to remove yourself from all those annoying piece of mail no one wants. I've spent the last 15 minutes or so going through the list and opting out all over!


AI mailman painting in the style of Edward Hopper

May 22, 2023

97X Modern Rock 500

Streaming now! 500 indie songs with original DJs from 97X. Been enjoying it all morning and will dip my toes in the looping broadcast throughout the week.


97X 2023 Inhaler 500

May 21, 2023

Ghost Golf Belts

I don't golf, but I love the notch-less belt I got here. I count it among my better investments in life. (Got the “Bubba” but they have oodles of variants.)


A belt without notches


Music video made entirely from wood for the band Bedtimes by bfophoto / via Jacob Tender


Still from stop motion video with a cross section of wood

May 19, 2023

Remi Wolf Prescription

A little funky yearning medley to close out the week. Just stumbled on this tune and now need to dig back into her back catalog (which is not deep, she’s 27!) Oh, I know Photo ID.


Remi Wolf at a microphone

May 17, 2023


Create, remix, add interactivity and share isometric voxel room things/games. Neato. / via waxy


Isometric voxel mini games

May 9, 2023

CSS Zen Garden is 20 today

Admission, I never was good at CSS. I made things with tables and visual editors. But the CSS Zen Garden taught me how to see, understand and articulate CSS. Dave Shea reflects a bit on how important it was (and still is). I'm linking to Andrew Lohman’s contribution, but really the joy is in clicking around the archives at how others re-interpret the page!


Sample page on CSS Zen Garden with mid-century modern design by Andrew Lohman

May 6, 2023

Because perfect is boring

I superdig Danielle MacInnes’ take on documentary style family photography, which I didn’t know was a thing until I got lost in the stack of links on this MetaFilter post: Don’t Say Cheese.


Black and white documentary style family photo

Why so many people need glasses now

Watched two great Vox explainers this morning. One about inflation and this video about why nearsightedness is on the rise, and how it can be addressed.


Diagram of two things that increase nearsightedness: Near Work and Time Indoors

May 5, 2023

Squaring the Circle (The Story of Hipgnosis)

Hipgnosis made extremely iconic album covers. This is the trailer for a film about this art design studio. / thanks Tom!


hipgnosis album covers

Notes at 45

Naz Hamid gathers some perspectives on his birthday. Resonating this morning is “opt for joy, delight, or energy.”


Naz Hamid at 45

May 4, 2023

Samples on the Beastie Boys’ ‘Ill Communication’

Matched with the original songs. Fun to get more insight to this Beasties album, a favorite among many.


Ill Communication album cover

Fridge-worthy moments

Loved the bit on Jacobi’s home page that lists fridge-worthy moments (some with links to fill in the gaps). Filing this as inspiration to consider in reflection and also looking forward!


Graphics and photos on the home page of a website for Jacobi

Visual Technique Library

Jacobi Mehringer has created a massive library of film techniques for art directors. It’s amazing. / via Yewknee


Eyecandy visual

May 3, 2023

Blue Monday on Song Exploder

New Order shares the story of how the song came to be.


Song Exploder cover art for the New Order Blue Monday podcast episode

4 hours of lofi music and visuals

That also happens to be a commercial for the Nissan ARIYA. / via Tim Murtaugh


Nissan animation for their new electric SUV thing called the ARIYA

A good bird app

Merlin Bird ID is free app by Cornell Lab that can identify birds by sound. Noah Kalina said (on a non-bird app that doesn’t allow deep links) “It will change your life and how you experience the natural world.”


Screenshot of app that identifies birds by sound

May 1, 2023

Rewilding the lawn

Ground cover, wildflower meadows, and gravel gardens require little to no effort to thrive and are beneficial to our ecosystem. I'd love to convert our lawn. / via Kathryn


Illustration showing lawn with grass and lawn with a more natural look

I Take Full Responsibility Book (Second Edition)

Scott Boms collects fourteen communications from technology company CEOs who have reduced their employee bases in a 100 edition hand assembled, Risograph’d book


I take full responsibility book cover

April 28, 2023

The Federal Design Improvement Program

Phil Edwards shares history of the initiative that brought identity standards to government institutions.


EPA identity standards

April 26, 2023

Peakto Photo Organizer Software

Unite Apple Photos and Lightroom? I’m intrigued... This Mac app also supports most every major photo platform. (They also have a tool to port libraries around.) / via Phil Gyford


Peakto photo organizing software interface on a laptop

W. Frank Steely Library

Surprised no movie has been filmed in this mid-70’s library at Northern Kentucky University. As Ronnie Salerno shares, it really would fit right into the Starfleet Academy.


Modern library design interior from the 70's

April 25, 2023

Pet Shop Boys Lost

Thanks to this post on MetaFilter I learned of this new PSB music.


Album cover with black and white photograph of a field in mist with the word Lost written in san serif type

April 14, 2023

Howard Lee paints invisible tree

Well, the midsection at least. A well done illusion en plein air in New York City. A delightful distraction at the end of this week.


Howard Lee paints tree

The 100 best things to do in NYC for locals and tourists

I can't tell if TimeOut perpetually updates this (extensive) list, but it seems that way. / tipping my hat to Thor (who I consider a Thorguide all on his own.)


NYC as seen from the High Line

Natural Soundscapes of Rocky Mountain National Park

Choose from dawn, morning, evening, environmental or weather. Good backdrop for zoning out or in. / via MetaFilter


Rocky Mountain National Park mountains at sunset