An illustration of swirling mist around a hand by Nathalie Lees

Five-finger breathing exercise

Ground yourself in the present moment to calm down

Creative titles arranged haphazardly connected by lines and arrows

Stop Trying to Design Everything

Jennifer Daniel posted a link to this talk from a while back and I started playing it off to the side of my screen and then I was smiling so much I just made it full […]

A fox rides a bike at night

The Smile, live

Metafilter collects links to videos and downloads for this performance at the virtual Glastonbury festival. Featuring Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood (from Radiohead) with drummer Tom Skinner.

A man holds a mobile phone with ghosts of privacy trackers dissipate nearby

Apple’s Privacy Commercial

I had only seen tiny snippets before seeing the whole thing. This really brings clarity to the insanity of tracking. I would actually appreciate seeing a longer and deeper dive. Sadly the video is hosted on […]

A collage of movie characters on a pink background

52 comfort films – to watch again and again

Writers, readers and filmmakers create a list of favorite movies. Some gems and some I’ve yet to see. If I had to pick one to add to the list today I would say “About Time”

A very colorful and beautiful perpetual calendar

Yoni Alter’s Perpetual Calendar

Well this is gorgeous. / via Fonts In Use

An acrylic abstract painting of 10 people in a circular embrace

An interview with Geoff McFetridge

“The root of what I do is an art practice applied to design. I’m designing art.” / via TMN

retro m&m's logo with nice colorful dots

The work of Rafael Serra

Porto based type and lettering artist. Some super fun retro logo explorations on their insta / via Rachel

Lego minifigs in a rainbow colored assortment

Everyone is Awesome

A new Lego set coming in June

A rock band comprised of four young women performing a song in a library

The Linda Lindas “Racist Sexist Boy”

Poser. Blockhead. Riffraff. Jerkface.

Multiple TikTok screenshots of a bearded man in a beanie singing into a microphone

Hide and Seek, harmony build

I love falling into rabbit holes of harmony. I also realize this is likely lip sync’d, but that’s okay. The premise is solid.

An illustration of a hand signing the letter E


Give this website webcam permissions and learn sign language (Chrome based browsers)

Modern house design with clean lines and a pool

Casa dos Sobreiros, Portugal

The “Cork trees house” by TRAMA arquitetos is quite lovely. I’m making a vision board for dream homes. / via Heike

A dog and woman, each doing yoga

Yoga with a dog

Secret the Australian Shepherd and Mary the girl do some Yoga.

An illustration of an inner dialog

The Fresh Start Challenge

From the NY Times: “As pandemic restrictions begin to ease, we all have the opportunity to rethink what life looks like going forward. Our 10-day Fresh Start Challenge will share daily tips for mindful living, stronger […]

A photograph of red and white hybrid flowers

Surreal, real photos of flowers

by Xuebing Du. Gorgeous.

A synthesizer with wood paneling

Homemade modular synthesizer

It certainly looks neato. / via Tom

An album cover in deep purples with a portrai of a woman lit quietly from the side


A wonderful way to ease into the day with this track from the album Vulture Prince by Arooj Aftab. Thanks Simon!

Best Beer Design 2021

30 Best-Looking Beer Cans

Even more fun, there’s a generator to make your own hip beer can design. If only I could upload a photo of my cat. Silly fun for Friday.

A vertical indoor garden


A hydroponic stand to grow food indoors. Self watering and self fertilizing with optional lights. My friend Lindsay has one of these and loves it. Comes in a variety of sizes.

A man in a blue shirt and blue hoody

3 Most Important Questions

Grab some pen and paper and take 24 minutes. Started my day doing this exercise by Vishen Lakhiani. to consider life experiences, growth and contribution. A powerful draft to consider the future. (Thanks Emily)

Two musicians dressed in beige on a small black stage in a sandy environ

Your Power

Billie and Finneas Eilish perform the single out in some sandy place (Simi Valley?). Dig all the tones in every way.

A man works in food service, probably not making a living wage

Dying for Minimum Wage

“Service Workers Aren’t Lazy, They Just Don’t Want to Risk Dying for Minimum Wage” I know friends in this boat, and I also know folks that vote against their best interests. It’s terribly frustrating.

An old family photo in sepiatones

Thinking of her

Heather Cox Richardson delivers essays that are steeped in history and incredibly thoughtful. Often she covers the political moment in context, but this week is all about Mother’s Day and it’s so good.

A woman filling a jar with grains


Going beyond recycling with a guide to zero waste practices and a trove of links to resources for shopping in bulk and composting to boot. / via DJ

A tan map with text about music in Cincinnati

Escape your geographic music bubble

Shake music monoculture with this data essay by The Pudding / via Creative Mornings (excellent) email newsletter

Album cover with an astronaut Helmut


Trent Walton started a project making music, collaborating with his sons and packing it all up with not just album artwork, but mini videos (that loop on Spotify) for each track. I dig everything about this.

Poster for movie about couples in love

My Love: Six Stories of True Love

My friend Erik said this 6 part series was worth the watch. Quiet and lovely. Adding to the queue.

A tiny firetruck

Teeny Tiny Firetruck

I kind of want to make a special trip to San Francisco to see this Daihatsu kei fire truck IRL.

Woman holding red balloons

girl in red “Seratonin”

“This is terrific.” – @hotdogsladies / Agreed 1000%