This website is built entirely on WordPress. The concept was orginated by Chris Glass and came to fruition through a collaboration with Kay Belardinelli.

It is using a custom theme called “Life” because it’s really hard to name things. The theme combines a bunch of different ideas: A photo journal, a portfolio, a gallery of favorites and a cast of characters. It also has a link blog that uses a plugin and has grown to incorporate a WooCommerce store.

The theme is distributed as free software under a GNU General Public License. You can grab the code at Github. Please use, fork, remix and refine at will!

The goal

Make something that was visually simple to honor the content while providing connections to provide context and encourage exploration.

If you’ve questions or comments? Drop a line! We’re working to hone it and ideally one day? Make it easy and available for anyone who would like to start a digital garden to keep track of their days.