skippy mc skipperson

September 1 Not my Sony Walkman, harder to scratch than a Nano.

September 2 You can see which parking slots get the most action.

September 3 View of Cincinnati from Devou Park [ Enlarge photo in a new window ]

September 12 Troubled Hubble did a stripped set in the lounge, then broke up weeks later.

September 13 Two members of Heartless Bastards visit an ice cream truck.
                         ( Almost looks like Brodie in the window )

September 13 A blurry shot of Rogue Wave


September 14 Pat Robertson, constipated or channeling demon

September 17 Housewarming party + photo shoot for WOXY shirts (now on sale)

September 19 Taft Museum, Cincinnati, OH

September 21 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah warm up in the lounge

September 22 The National perform at WOXY

September 22 Ryan McGinness spoke at the Art Academy

September 23 The Long Winters after an acoustic set. Interview included reference to Ramtha

September 26 Been having tea before bed some nights.

September 28 Testing out a new lens

September 29 The depth of field and low light abilities are amazing

October 1 The month of Halloween started off with more blue skies

October 3 Getting some tests done at University Hospital

October 4 Dinner club on the West side of town at Rondos. The restaurant does not have a liquor license so some folks bought beer at the above carryout. The restaurant did however, have excellent food.

October 5 The first turning leaf I approached. Looking forward to more.