Martini Time
We went to the grocery store to find something to give to the host of this martini party we were attending. We settled on some raisin cakes, a bunny sculpture and some trashy magazines to strategically place in the host's bathroom.

While checking out, the bagger was texting on her mobile and all of a sudden she said to the cashier, "I go pee" and then scurried away while clicking at her phone.
I fiddled with the navigation system as I got shotgun with my freaky long legs. We drove through a tunnel in the city I don't go through very often. It was very Solyaris.
We got to the party and there were lots of hot chicks there. You can't see them, they are on the other side of the room. The host is an artist and his digs were funky in a useful way.
I had a kicky martini in front of the unfinished Thunderbird painting.
John had an envelope for me— within: two Cub Scouts/Wolf Pack bear patches. I can't even begin to say how much I heart bearaphernalia that isn't stuffed.
The party was fun. We left before midnight though and remarked how mild the weather was for mid June. This bus stop had one of those adverts that changes depending on your viewing angle. Life comes at you fast, indeed.