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Outside the Northside Tavern was a hearse. Sadly, no sign of Harold or Maude.
I found a corner of the bar by the jukebox, and mused on the old fashioned fixture powering the emergency lights.
A diverse crowd for sure, and this was taken early in the evening (around 11), by closing time, it was hard to move.
The Oxymoronatron Robot rests on the sidewalk, like Number 5 from Short Circuit, but without the laser.
Robotic Rock.
Infinite Number of Sounds from Cleveland take the stage, er, Oriental carpet in the corner of the bar.
Brent Gummow pours over the laptop, projecting video and whatnot.
Cold beer sign, Elvis kitsch and chick with bangs and thick rimmed glasses.
Fervor during the last song as DJ Empircal spins accompaniment.