My old site had a page with favorite vehicles, and now it is time to do it again.

Let’s start with the Ford 012C concept above designed by Marc Newson. It had analog gauges, suicide doors and a drawer for a trunk. Also? Named after a vibrant Pantone orange. So. Much. Goodness.

Next up? A Ford Bronco I spied in Salt Lake City. You’ll see the trend here. Things that are boxy or orange. Or both.

For Bronco
Ford Bronco
Mazda 808
This Mazda 808 is buttery.
Ford Falcon
A Ford Falcon, which feels both sad and resolute.
This GMS Desert Fox Jimmy is all about the supergraphics
VW Microbus of the future
VW has been teasing this new microbus for 30 years
Jeep Wagoneer
Any vehicle with fake wood paneling, like this Wagoneer, gets on the list.

Suffice to say? This page will get updated each time I find a vehicle to add.