The Way to Play

Another one of the core books I’ve toted around since childhood. This one informed me more than I realized at the time. It’ll make more sense when you see some of the layouts below.

Our family loved playing games, cards in particular. I’ve mentioned Canasta and Euchre more than a few times, but I’ll mention them again. Mostly in hopes that I’ll find more folks to take up a hand!

I’ve lost the dust jacket for this book long ago. It’s spine now worn.

The spine of a book "The Way to Play" and a blurry deck of playing cards

Published in 1975 it includes over two thousand games played around the world. Not just card games, but table games and tiddlywinks, tick-tack-toe, baccaret, chess, snooker and table tennis.

But the best part was the design. The Diagram Group used an 8 column grid to present the rules of each game, paired with clean line illustrations.


Variations of Blackjack
Mah jongg (American)