The Little Professor

Some summer when I was quite young, my brothers and I discovered a cache of toys my parents had bought expressly for Christmas.

They hid them pretty well in the rafters of the shed, but when you’re young and use the shed as a significant landmark in your imaginary worlds… things get explored.

So one day we found all these amazing things like Speak & Spell and this Little Professor Calculator and magnetic based toys like Wooly Willy and had a field day!

In fact, we had so much fun it became suspect. Our parents, having not heard a peep from us all afternoon, came to find us in the shed having a field day with what would have been our Christmas gifts.

Stern words were put forth, but Aladdin could not be put back into the bottle. I mean, The Little Professor was teaching us math! How could someone take that away?

Wooly Willy magnetic toy