Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World was already exceptional in 2013 when it debuted on the largely disregarded Nintendo Wii. It took everything great about the original side scrolling Super Mario game and blended it with the 3D variants that emerged over the years.

It really felt like the development team wanted to make the best Mario game. And then they threw in Toad puzzle levels that introduced a new mechanic (and subsequently became its own spin-off). Plus also? A cat suit that let you climb up walls.

4 screenshots of Super Mario 3d World
Another upgrade over the original? You can now take snapshots while playing

For Mario’s 35th anniversary Nintendo has been releasing special games and ephemera throughout the year, Including a remaster of this game for the Switch. It looks fantastic, now has online co-op and a few more enhancements but the big news is the addition of an entirely new game called Bowser’s Fury.

At first it’s a very confusing game that lacks the structure that underpins most every Mario outing. It’s an open world without a clear goal, but things start to coalesce and little by little the rhythm emerges. It’s a great game that could stand alone with a bit more meat on the bones, but as a bonus? It’s pretty awesome.

Mario catching a cat shine and a very large Bowser. Both images screenshots of a Ninendo game
Grabbing a “cats shine” in Bowser’s Fury

These two games combined make for an awesome addition to the Nintendo Switch. Quadruply good if you’ve never played it before.

Digital stickers to collect with Mario characters
Oh, there are stickers too which along with stars make replaying levels extra fun
A tiny Nintendo Switch cartridge
And it all fits on this tiny chip card.