This streaming show on AppleTV+ is of the zeitgeist, for good reason. It’s a phenomenal vision brought together by a heckuva team—many of the same folks behind another favorite, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (director, actors, casting, music, art direction).

Admittedly, this dystopian sci-fi thriller is a very slow burn, intentionally.

As the episodes go on, things pick up speed, get kooky, then WHOA.

A very sparse white hallway with fluorescent lights
The maze of halls
A man in a turtleneck dances in an office that is lit up like a disco
I shall not spoil the show with a proper caption
A man with a mustache regards a painting in a corporate room with lots of fluorescent lighting
I wonder if Mother-in-Law’s Tongue plants would survive in that fluorescent lighting?
A retro computer workstation at an open cubicle with a lamp and two drawings hung on the wall
Everything’s so matchy!

Bonus: The opening sequence by Oliver Latta is *chefs kiss* plus also this book:

A book with a man on the cover and the title "The You You Are"
The You You Are