(Yes, this counts as books)

It started with Scholastic Records… Bedtime for Frances, Curious George, A Rocket In My Pocket, and a few other favorites above. These 45s contained stories with great voice acting paired with just the right amount of orchestrated music and sound effects.

They inspired me to learn how to use the record player in the fake brown leather suitcase with the single speaker. (You must be very careful with the record needle!)

Then Disney got in on the game and upped the ante with actual storybooks to go with the records. Adding a sprinkle of pixie chimes to let you know when it was time to turn the page.

I was mesmerized.

I am confident it was this full visual, auditory and kinesthetic experience that taught me how to read.

Disney Read-Along 45 reocrds
It's a Small World 45 record