Yes. Pizza is a favorite. Here are the existing pizza joints I hold dear in the Cincinnati area. But I am happy to hear about your favorite pizza joints wherever. (Eventually I WILL get a van a live on the road for a piece. I think, I hope.)

Dewey’s Pizza – Started in Cincinnati and IT’S SO GOOD. The perfect amount of doughy crust. You can get anything split down the middle to go splitzies and their salads are PHENOMENAL. (This is my favorite, others disagree)

Taft’s Brewporium – They call this “Connecticut style” pizza and I don’t know what that means, but it is good.

Fireside Pizza – This joint in Walnut Hills is solid. Like, super solid.

Taglio – This is the last restaurant I ate at before the pandemic. I would eat there again happily.

Blaze Pizza – It’s a fast casual chain but I’m totally okay with getting my exact personal pizza.

Adriatico’s – I discovered Adriatico’s at OSU and found they also exist in Cincinnati. They have some deep dish goodness and this huge pizza (here it is called the Bearcat) that can feed an army of men.