I should preface this by saying, I don’t know if Nomadland is a favorite, yet. I have a feeling it will stand up over time.

It has the hallmarks of a keeper because it inspires conversation.

Erik said, “Don’t read any more about it, just watch it.” And that’s the sort of recommendation I can heed. I had known tangentially about the film, and even watched the trailer way back when. (Way back when can mean last week or 3-60 months ago.)

Fired it up and couldn’t stop watching (it’s on Hulu, btw). It had a spirit I could not pinpoint, but it was there, akin to this book.

I get frustrated when things aren’t spelled out explicitly, but ultimately, this is a story about transformation. My favorite.

Also, spoilers below so stop now if you haven’t seen it.

I’ll wait.

Many of the significant characters are contemporary nomads featured in the book the movie was based upon. More about that here.