Naoshima, Japan

One of many expeditions put together by Chris Pratt (not that one).

The Bennesse Art Site is a museum and a hotel on the island of Naoshima in Japan. Guests can wander the grounds after it closes up for the day. There’s a little funicular that goes up the hill to additional rooms and a bar.

It was among a favorite moments of a long trek through Japan. Which when I go back? I will do this art island again.

an island in a sea at sunset

Neon artwork by Bruce Nauman with 100 phrases of three words each
Bruce Nauman One Hundred Live and Die
A bearded man takes a selfie in a hotel mirror
A teal funicular in lots of greenery
The funicular
Inside the funicular
Inside the funicular
Chris Pratt, not that one

And that was just the first day! On the second we traveled to the Inujima “Art House Project.” Essentially they’ve sprinkled art installations around a small village on the island of Inujima. Each one unique and some were incredibly good. One such exhibition was impossible to capture and among my favorite: Minamidera is a James Turrell experiment with light. Queue up to enter in total darkness…and wait. Eventually your eyes adjust and the space slowly reveals itself.

I hope it is still there when I go back.

a-art house by kazuyo sejima
a-art house by kazuyo sejima