It Takes Two

I played more video games than I care to admit in the last year, many were very good, but they were all pretty much variations (and often sequels) of games I’d played before.

I’m boring—sticking to a wheelhouse of mostly single-player, action or platforming affairs.

Every once in a while something breaks the mold and stands out. Case in point: It Takes Two—easily my favorite game of 2021. Sure, it’s still an action game with some platforming elements. What set’s it apart though is you need two folks to play, either by couch co-op or remotely (only one person needs to own the game).

It was an absolute blast, mixing third person split-screen puzzles, action sequences and boss fights with shared screen platforming levels. Often the two characters are given different complimentary abilities that require lots of communication to figure things out and advance.

Oh, it’s also a game about a couple working through a divorce and the strain on their child. Somehow it works.

I kept taking screenshots along the way and was going to post a bunch, but that could spoil the fun. Just know that each chapter is unique with details that make the whole experience fun to share.

I hope to find more co-op games that are as much of a joy to play, but the bar is set pretty high here.

Platforms supported: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC – More Info

Capture from a split screen co-op video game set in a child's room filled with toys
Game characters a miniature figures in an exaggerated world of a kids imagination.
Capture from a split screen co-op video game set in a world of oversized rock instruments
One chapter is filled navigating musical instruments.