I’ll Be Your Girl

I’ve always liked The Decemberists for their melodies and… vocabulary. (They use big words I have to look up in the dictionary.) They spin a good yarn to boot. But 2018’s I’ll Be Your Girl, they went in new places. Not only were there new sounds, they embraced some sort of simplicity and repetition not present before. It was such a delightful departure.

Lead singer Colin Meloy digs in on the excellent Song Exploder podcast (and now TV show) in regards to the song “Once In My Life” that led to the sonic departure.

There are so many good tracks on this record. But one stands out with a particularly lovely memory: Mom and I were heading to Costco and I had the CD in my car. I prefaced everything by saying how much I dug the album and that we’d skip around some of my favorite tracks. Then she would get the CD at the end of our outing.

When we got to Everything is Awful she was sold, dancing with her hands and singing backup.

This moment is among my favorite memories of mom. And there are many.

Driving down the highway. Radio blaring. Singing along.