Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I was looking quite forward to seeing this movie.

In fact, I’ve seen it twice this weekend, rescuing my mom and brother from seeing Taking Lives today.

I liked it that much.

Walking out, I was talking about the themes of Kaufman movies with my brother. How the premise is wrapped up in layers, unfolding before your eyes. By the time the credits scroll, there’s this euphoria for me. Coupled with the director’s powerful, subtle, use of effects… and the sounds… and the soundtrack… that knocks around the cobwebs in the noggin, it’s just inspiring.

My brother said it’s about love, and I agree. But I also think this movie reminds us that it’s important _not to forget_.

Memories, however painful they may be, should be understood. We learn from them. We shouldn’t erase them. 

I’ve been meaning to understand forgiveness lately. 

I’m so happy this film came along.