Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I did a book report on this back in fourth grade and I made this elaborate chocolate factory with poster board, Crayola markers and hot glue. It was fully dimensional and hinged, so when I got to the part talking about what was going on inside I opened it up to reveal to the class. Though I am sure everyone knew the plot from the 1971 film.

To boot? I got miniature Hershey bars and redrew the logo from this edition of the paper back and photocopied a bunch to re-label all the candy bars.

5 of them had a golden ticket inside, for which the recipient would get extra large Hershey bars (also with custom wrappers).

I’m going to admit something, and it is terribly embarrassing. I knew exactly who would get those winning tickets—I placed a little dot on those bars. I remember giving one to Heidi and the rest might’ve been random. I’m lucky I remember that much.