Black Celebration

Depeche Mode at their absolute best, I believe – and some absolutely gorgeous sleeve design and packaging variants, so firing on all cylinders commercially as well. I’m sorry, a limited edition cassette single that came in a paper pouch with a badge? Cool as hell, and the B sides were stupendous, if memory serves.

– Chris Pratt

Above are Chris’ thoughts on Black Celebration.

Me? I was late to the game. I found out about Depeche Mode three years later with their live double album 101. (Admission, many of my favorites are double albums because I was young and didn’t have a ton of money so the extended plays felt like extremely good choices.)

But once I heard the crowds singing along on 101 I felt this immediate pang: this is a crowd I would like to be in.

Digging back into Black Celebration made me realize why all those people were in the audience.