Animal Crossing

I never played Animal Crossing on GameCube, and attempted to play the iOS version but it didn’t stick. But when the Switch version came out at the beginning of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, I gave it a another whirl.

If it wasn’t for Joseph’s coaching, I would have given up. But he gave me a lay of the land and a bunch of fruit not native to my island.

So whenever I had a slice of time, I wandered my little virtual plot of land and pulled weeds, planted trees, watered flowers, went for strolls to collect shells and fossils, talked to folks, went on trips to other islands and sold the fruits of my labor to buy new outfits. It was just like real life!

And it was great fun for a while. But then it was time to get back to real life. Every once in a while I’ll pop back in and see the seasons change and pick a few weeds.

For one period I was happy to accept visitors to show them my living room:

I went to a party where the host had scattered goodies all over his island. The festivities ended with a game of musical chairs:

And designed my own Bubba t-shirt: