About Time

I was reading this article by The Guardian about “comfort films” and I racked my brain for one that might not be on the list.

What’s a comfort film?

“In the days before streaming permanently altered the landscape, the kind of film you always watched “when it was on” was a special breed – familiar, comforting and never disappointing.” says Andrew Pulver, Guardian associate film editor

Let me back up a wee bit: Wendy and I have a thing for romantic comedies, or romantic movies without the comedy. There are so few good ones that whenever something rises above the fray we send alerts. My memory is hazy who saw About Time first, but I know it became an immediate favorite for us both.

It’s a romantic movie with a time travel twist! There are huge plot holes with the time travel mechanic, and the whole thing is color graded like an early Instagram filter. (I’m guilty of this as well.) But at the end of the day? This is a movie that goes beyond romance and into deeper waters about how we choose to live each day. But it does so with a light touch and an INCREDIBLE cast.

This movie is from the director of Love, Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill. If those aren’t your cup of tea? Skip it. But if you have a little part of you that enjoys such outings? It’s a treat.