Yes, that’s his real name. Thor is another dear friend thanks to LiveJournal. And because all that data is somewhere else, I can’t pinpoint when we first met IRL easily, but meet we did, in New York City. And again and again all over the place.

I photographed his wedding to Patrick, twice! Once in NYC and again out West.

Whenever I am planning a trip, Thor scours all sorts of data to find the absolute best things to do, see, eat and experience. (I like to think of him as the ultimate ThorGuide™ that no algorithm can best.) I also know that sometimes those trips are so dense with goodness, that they’re the days that don’t get proper documentation on this here mess of a website I call home.

But there are photos! And in my retirement I shall relive the days and fill in the gaps. In the meantime, here are some of the snapshots that Thor is either in, or inspired.