In December 2005 I got a thank you note from Tina (aka SwissMiss) for linking to her blog. A few minutes later she wrote again after having looked through my timeline and realized I was in her hometown while attending design school abroad.

Thus began a friendship that endures to this day.

Four years later we used the latest in technology to virtually wave at each other. And months after that I got to meet her in person and experience the creative community she was building both in Brooklyn and online with Creative Mornings.

When you watch and listen to what Tina puts out into the world, you get a sense of her enthusiasm. That translates tenfold to the person she is in real life. I wish I lived closer to Tina’s steps, but I know that whenever I’m in the area, there’s a place for me to sit.

There is good because of the internet. Tina is proof.