Richard is a birthday twin. We’re both Sagittarius born on the same day, different years (or is that Sagittari?). It was this fact that likely brought us together. We were trying to make plans to meet up and I said I couldn’t because I had birthday plans. That elevated our conversation and we became fast friends after that.

And like good friends who keep showing up, you sometimes find a person moves onto the short list. You recommend the good things in life, like music, bourbon and barbers. You meet up for no good reason and maybe a couple bad ones. When you need a hand, or an ear. When you’re stuck at the side of the road, or don’t want to park your car at the airport. They’re on speed dial and you trust them with your life. And your cat.

You see them every holiday, and yes, every birthday since.

When the stars line up, you have to tip your hat and take stock.