My first email to Larry:

Tue, Nov 5, 2013, 3:35 PM

Howdy Larry,

Chris Glass here. Figured this was the right channel to open up a conversation—one I started a long time ago but never have acted upon. My partner at work were exploring the idea of working out with a trainer and Dan Vogel suggested I reach out to you.

So here I am, 41, 6’5”, 205 pounds, and I’ve never worked out a day in my entire life. Actually I did yoga in the late 90’s, but that’s another story. I’m ready if there’s availability and my schedule is super flexible.

Let me know if there’s an opportunity!

*hat tip*

8 years later I’m not swole, but I’m definitely a lot sturdier than I was before thanks to Larry.

Dedicating time to exercise is the among the best investments I’ve ever made—we’re talking top 3.

There’s a component to exercise that isn’t readily apparent. I used to think about it solely in terms of the body, be it weight or muscle—but exercise is very much about the mind… The motivation to show up and abide… The ability to clear extraneous thought and focus on the act… And these benefits of exertion? They engage and inspire every facet of life.

I’m so glad I met Larry and went on this journey.