I met Joseph proper when I met Squeek. We had been chatting virtually for a bit leading up to that moment.

We had dinner and if memory serves, there was music, lots of talk about video games, discussion of Cincinnati’s neighborhoods, the bending of elbows and all sorts of good vibes. So much that we decided it would be best if I didn’t drive home. He and Casey made up the couch for me and everything was copacetic.

The next day Joseph made eggs in a basket—a first for me! And I was smitten. What is this insanely logical breakfast dish?! (This was way before TikTok.)

Anyway, Joseph and Casey moved away from Kenwood and to Northside, becoming neighbors and fixtures in my life.

As time wore on, Joseph was finishing up his doctorate at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, which is not by any means an easy task. (I have another close friend who can attest to this!)

By the time he graduated, he had already gotten a job as a Professor in Missouri where he currently resides, making many reeds and inspiring lots of students.