Heather Brown

The short story is, I got Heather Brown out of the divorce. The long version is that she entered life through a mutual friend. This was phase defined by revelry… loud music, too many shots, signing around pianos, playing Rock Band into the wee hours, and absolutely taking a pool day whenever possible.

This went on for many years and we kept getting closer. You know the type of friend that calls you out when you’re being too mopey or too optimistic for that matter? That’s Heather. She has an ear for ideas and can fully support with enthusiasm or denounce with cynicism.

When I moved back to Cincinnati after a few years in Dayton, it was Heather that got me to get back out there to be a social being again.

Things have snowballed over the last few years… She found a fella. They got hitched. Now she’s got a baby girl and we started working together DURING A PANDEMIC.

So here we are, thick as thieves, holding each other up through a Zoom screen.