Edie is my cat. And if it wasn’t for Lil Bub, I would fathom she’d be someone else’s cat.

Backstory: While working on Lil Bub’s first book with a team of set decorators, photographers and other internet cats, I got to know Bub’s solid dude Mike Bridavsky.

As production started to wrap up, he asked the team to send in photos of their pets to appear in the back of the book. At the time, I didn’t have a pet. So I started looking. I would go to every shelter and take notes about any sparks that might have flown between us.

Eventually my friend Heather Brown said to just buck up and pick one out and love it. So I went back to the Animal Adoption Foundation and picked up Edie. We’ve grown to rely on and annoy each other. That’s love!

Edie is also on Instagram.