I met DJ through Megan and the world of People’s Liberty, and what wonderful serendipity that would prove to be.

We’re kindred spirits in many ways—we love design as a practice, not as a job. I could drop the mic right there and walk away, but that would belie DJ’s greatest characteristics.

His heart is huge.

He listens intently and offers perspective with empathy and enthusiasm. He freely shares and participates. He has intense curiosity.

In summation? He’s the kind of person you want to walk with, work beside or bend elbows with.

When I took time to develop Photoscouting, DJ stepped up and took on all my clients and gave me time to dedicate to the fellowship.

Afterward we co-worked together and I can say without hesitation—if you have to share a space with someone and find balance between humanity and focus? DJ is your man.

Oh, we also made some flags together. That’s a tangential bonus.

My hope? We’ll intertwine and make more things together at some point.

It’s all about finding folks you jive with.