Dan Mess

I met Dan through Drew.

Drew stopped by our fledgling web design company in the late 90’s one afternoon and introduced him to the crew as Dan was working right across the street. Maybe we had lunch? The details are hazy. But I liked Drew lots. He had a keen eye, and Dan threw a good vibe.

Once I moved to Northside, Dan was a neighbor—now living with a fella named Ralph. They’ve a penchant for good food, music, board games, video games and the types of conversations that meander waaaaay into the evening.

Essentially? All the good parts of life.

Dan and Ralph took me in and made me a part of their chosen family (mixed in with their real family).

They are what I’d deem excellent hosts. Be it a chili cook-off, a dinner with paired cocktails and wine, a fanciful Christmas party every year or simply a night enjoying a game or conversation.

They take the time to make a moment special in all regard.