Casey is there when I’m overly optimistic or super grumpy.

He’s even-keeled when I’m ready to write a sternly worded email and he offers perspective when I don’t know how to approach something.

We met by happenstance.

He moved to Cincinnati and I tried my best to play ambassador, introducing him to friends, bending elbows and showing him the best of our city.

We have a particular love for music, going to concerts whenever our interests overlap (and sometimes when they don’t!)

At one point we went to see a concert in Louisville (it was Miley!) and killed some time after the show let-out to avoid traffic congestion. Along Waterfront Park we found a place to sit (or maybe it was a swing) and had a deep conversation.

At that moment, we became closer. I think? I can also be super clueless—which in my defense, is a pretty standard state of being.

It took a while to realize it, but we’ve been “hanging out” ever since.

And by hanging out I mean together.

Casey is my fella, and vice versa.