I met Anne my first year at OSU, commiserating over the challenges of visual communication and understanding how to pre-adult—because who are we kidding? College is not adulthood.

Some time after we graduated I moved in with Anne and Wendy on the edge of Goodale Park in Columbus, Ohio. We pretty much brought the sit-com Three’s Company to life.

When I moved to Cincinnati and started a web company and it was time to grow? I was able to lure Anne down and join forces. This was a period of good fun and the challenges of learning how to adult for real this time, oh, and how to make websites.

Anne still lives in Cincinnati. Married a good chap named John and is raising two young men.

We worked together recently and It reminded me how much I appreciate her steady nature and barometer. Couple that with a big heart and the ability see the big picture and you’ve got a rare and welcome friend indeed.