Kelley keeps busy

She keeps making these scarves and I want every single one of them.

Joel on the press

Studio mates

Wendy has a visitor in the studio. Always a welcome break from the fiddling with virtual pixels and vectors.

The Battle

Made in Ohio

This is where I lay down a big sheet of white paper on the garage floor and shoot new stuff for our store. We’ve been selling this tee at festivals this summer with great response. Finally I got ’em all online.

ink on threads

A publication needed photos of our transit map shirt. This was the only time I picked up the camera that day, but I did like how the light really brought out the texture of the shirt and ink.

apothecary labels

Stuck a few goodies on the shelves above my desk for inspiration.

She calls this one Butlins

Kelley dropped off some lovely handbags to get up on the store. I think the appropriate description for this little detail is, “kawaii“