A mark in progress and some plaid

Friends don’t always remember our studio is named Wire & Twine. A handful have mentioned they’ve been out wearing our shirts and when asked where to get one they search for a tag or some branding with no success. Shame on us. We’re working on changing that with a little tag that has a logo […]

American Sign Museum print

Friends at a local store asked if I’d contribute art to a gallery opening and I didn’t know what to make. I thought it’d be fun to print out a photograph of the American Sign Museum on our t-shirt press. Tom did all the hard work. Really happy with how it turned out.

A little Made in Ohio

While snapping photos downtown I met up with this little guy and his mom and dad. “Hey, I know that shirt! I made it!” I exclaimed. “No way!” his parents replied, and said if we ever needed a model… “Well how about now?” and the day just got all that much brighter.

Fresh coat of paint

While I was off gallivanting all over tarnation, our studio got a fresh coat of paint. It’s looking mighty fine, but even better with the morning light on this clear winter day.

2010 T-shirt Festival

You can bet that if there’s ever a lull on here, it’s because the following day was filled with a ton of photos. As was the case on this day during the T-shirt Festival down on Fountain Square. I picked out this flying pig from Alternative Motive, but there are a bunch of snapshots from […]

a percussion recital and ink on paper

Heather liked this photo of the beat up piano and we made this poster. Here’s some behind the scenes of the whole process. I’m tipping my hat to Tom for making this a reality. (He’s awesome.)

something enjoyable

Tom, Wendy and I started Wire & Twine about, oh, 3 years ago. Since then we’ve done a ton of stuff, but most folks just know us for the t-shirts. Which is cool. We like t-shirts. But our idea about the company was about bringing people together, trying new things, making stuff that was exciting […]

It’s alive!

When we have a weblog for the studio (and we will, soon, have one of those fancy things) – this image will go in it. For October 26, 2009 marked a glorious day… A day when all Tom’s soldering and wires and other electronic bits finally came together and a homemade amp was born. The […]