My mom once told me trees like this were called “white ghosts,” but I can’t verify on the web. This might be an Appalachian colloquialism that hasn’t made the leap to the digital realm. Either way, I these trees always catch my eye on the way up to Oxford.

The shadows look like waves

Digging the winter and light this morning.


The extent of the accumulation. I’ve started to really hunker down on recycling and I’ve stopped using aerosol hairspray altogether in hopes that we’ll have snow again one day. I’m also going to stop belaboring it now, promise.

Drive-by driveway

The Ice Storm

The Ice Storm (not starring Sigourney Weaver – though that movie has sweet Criterion Collection box art.) rolled into Ohio along with February. I decided to hunker down in Dayton and as it would turn out, my home in Cincinnati pretty much escaped unscathed—nary accumulation of snow and just a bit of ice up north. But […]

There actually is a hazy shade of winter

Fresh coat of paint

While I was off gallivanting all over tarnation, our studio got a fresh coat of paint. It’s looking mighty fine, but even better with the morning light on this clear winter day.

salt dome