It’s wicked cold of late. Time to break out mom’s beef vegetable soup recipe. Cart contents: March 2012, February 2014

Good name for wine

This white pinot noir seems like an oxymoron, but it’s really quite resolved. It even gained the curiosity of Edie. Plus also? How many wineries feature an Oregon wine bear in their video propaganda?

Open That Bottle Night 2010

The word of this day was ineffable.

reflecting with wine

Staying up past midnight on the eve of 11/11.

Valley Vineyards

I learned a new word while visiting Valley Vineyards in Morrow Ohio, well, a new definition at least. A bunghole is a hole bored in a liquid-tight barrel. The hole is capped with a large cork-like object called a bung. (pictured above)

remnants from the evening

When plans go awry – the restaurant you hoped to visit is closed for the holiday weekend, the state park scaled back hours due to budget cuts, the attendant isn’t at their post of the observation deck… These things can wear on you when you’re trying to be a good ambassador to your town. But […]