Waiting for dad

Looking at faucets is fun for the whole family. Unrelated: I believe this is part of the Crisco manufacturing complex in St. Bernard.

Construction continues

The Depot is getting framed out and the first stages of utilities are being integrated between inspections and whatnot. It’s a process. There’s lots of sawdust.

The sign in my barber’s window

I needed a haircut since I was going on a quick trip to New York, and my barber needed a new sign in the window. ( Rollover for original ) I used a variation of Letterhead Font’s Sarah Script for the logotype. Futura for the body, and that little “Call!” is actually a touch from […]

Instant camera

Had a tasty brunch with my mom, and she finally got to peek in the window of Fabricate’s new location. They have this awesome old Polaroid in the window. Speaking of instant photos, I’m enjoying Instagram of late, a simple iPhone app that lets you take square photos, apply some preset filters, and share… very […]

Perfect day to get work done

Looking out across the warehouses and rail yard

Winding down the weekend.

Boatloads of rain

I think I was a little premature wearing shorts to work today. The rain came midday and never let up here in Ohio. A cold rain, so fast the ditches overflowed.

glass inset in door