Part of an arrangement

Mom brought items from her garden to flush out some arrangements for a dinner party. Her part of the arrangement held up better than the store-bought flowers. B&W Challenge 7 of 7


Tonka truck photographed for our free shipping promotion.

Things I find at my mom’s house

Mom’s birthday on this day. Went to her house while she was at work to scavenge for things I could use to photograph for a birthday card. Found this key but didn’t end up using it.

Kyle’s cookies

A warning: The ‘before and after’ rollover is quite jarring. But it shouldn’t detract from getting a sense of how tasty these cookies appear to be. And they are delicious. My friend Kyle from Cincinnati has been making huge batches of cookies for special events, sharing them with folks or raising money for charities. White chocolate […]

Experimenting with jewelry

Walked into the studio and Tom was laying out all this jewelry on the table. It’s an exploration for a project he’s been working on. I asked if it was cool to make a photo and  share online. He said sure. Looks a bit Dorling Kindersley-ish in this manifestation, but he pushed it in different directions since.