Boating around

All photos collected here as well: Roatán on Exposure

Mill Creek

I pass by this view usually on the weekends and think of Grease, the LA River, and a touch of Ryan Gosling’s hand acting in Drive. The reflection of the blue sky is particularly misleading. This waterway that cuts through all districts of Cincinnati is quite a mess. There is hope to fix that: Mill Creek Restoration […]

Frog on lily pad

laundry day

I figure it’s good to have days like this, when all that’s left on the virtual roll of film is a laundry tub getting filled. For these images balance out the ‘colorful’ ones, and ensures things don’t get too lopsided.

Lake Ontario

One last shot before heading home. Though I didn’t spend too much time in Toronto, it’s on my list for an extended repeat visit.


This has been the summer of mild temperatures and a solid amount of rain, sometimes torrential, as evidenced by our broken patio gutter that could use an endcap and… heck, it just needs replaced.


Car washes are like haircuts in that feel good way. Unless something horribly goes wrong and your bangs are crooked, or your ride gets scratched. But for the most part,  feel good.

One of the first things we fixed

Some say that when you own a home, “There’s always something.” I have found this to be entirely true.