Tom & Wendy got me a LEGO VW Bus a few years ago, and I had all the pieces sorted in bowls and a muffin tin sitting under the guest bed. Found it while tidying and realized: 1.) Oh, that’s where all my bowls are and 2.) I should finish this. Man it was fun […]

From Bakery to Cell Phone Lot

Ran out with mom to get a few items for Christmas brunch, luckily before last-minute crowds filled the aisles. Closed out the day picking up friends from the airport and ate my first Tortina hazelnut cookie thing. (Which could give Ferrero Rocher a run for the money.)


I’d drive that Beetle. My head might stick out over the windshield, but I’d drive it. In other news, I got my car serviced.  

Boring day

Quiet day of recovery, and all that is left to record the moments are this snapshot of the speedometer. I should mention, 135k miles in and I’m still a fan of the ol’ Rabbit.

Plaza signage

Whenever I get my car serviced these days, I pass by this plaza up in Fairfield. The sign gives me pause, every time. In part, it is the sheer scale of the thing, but density, shape and the color scheme add to the…¬†intrigue. I’m burying this other¬†shot from the day because a friend suggested I […]

I fear this is why the winter was so mild

The ol’ Rabbit was breathing hot air. Since the EPA lifted restrictions on freon dispensers, Tom was able to snag one of these EZ-Chills and get me back in cool business. Worked like a charm. Please note the safety precautions Tom is using: not just gloves, but protective eyewear. It’s always safety first around the […]

The Yummy Bus

Practice what you preach: having a push pop on the Yummy Bus.

Your mileage may vary

1,498 days ago I bought a VW Rabbit. This, in a relatively short line of cars of my life: Renault Alliance – it barely worked my days in high school (College without) Geo Metro – first job, first real (used) car (Thanks for selling it to me Wendy!) VW Passat Land Rover (lease) VW Passat […]